Years and Years

Anyone watching?

Just started it now therefore I have no opinions yet, but feel free to share yours here.

“King” is great


Really enjoyed that first episode. There was the odd bit of weird monologuing but on the whole it captured that Black Mirror-like dystopic sense of where we might be heading really well.

And (spoiler) the ten minutes of warning followed by the nuclear bomb landing where just jaw-dropping.


The trailer looked shit.

Yeah that was unbearable, made up for the more embarrassing bits

So far my feedback is…

Maxim Baldry.


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And Tovey!

As subtle as a brick but did enjoy it.

Noel from Hearsay’s sex robot was probably unnecessary.

The Tovey deliberately stagey bit of info dump in the Ukrainian camp was so odd that I wonder if it is going to be an ongoing riff. Certainly the other characters were rolling their eyes, As the show goes further into the future and more into wild speculation, there’s going to have to be something for the audience to hang on to.

It was Noel!! Knew I recognised him


Might start a “phrases you never expected to hear” thread


Sounds pretty fucking far from pure and simple if you ask me.


LibertyX-rated more like


2nd episode thoughts?

I didn’t realise this had already started. Might watch it tonight. I tend to like everything Russel T Davies does. I like a bit of cheese and silliness.

and Queer as Folk was one of the best and most enjoyable British TV shows of all time.

Absolutely tanking apparently, only 1.5m viewers last night

It’s just entertaining enough to keep watching, but not as dystopian or as satirical as it thinks it is.

yeah, I enjoyed parts of ep 1 but not enough to watch any more of it. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with it.

I feel like it’s because they are really going for “make u think” but it struggles to actually make you think at all.


I’m enjoying it, mainly because RTD is good a writing Mancs.

The distopian bits aren’t really that distopian and completely plausible