Years and Years

This show is terrible. Just a middle-aged man at the pub having a moan, mixed-in with some cheap emotional family drama. It’s a cynical vacuum - it offers a vision of what the future looks like with no idea of how to fight it. The only real time it offsets that, and, not coincidentally, the only time it’s genuinely been moving, is the end of episode 4. I’m still watching it, it’s fun as a campy cheap dystopia but I wish Davies treated it as such…

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Went really off the scale in this episode. That digital implant has just given the daughter superpowers for some reason. Bring on the near future!

None of this episode made any sense whatsoever.

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Yeah I didn’t quite get why the implant was that powerful, as in she shouldn’t be able to just hijack a government building and create power cuts.

So tonight is the final episode. What do we think is in store?

Impossible to predict. The whole series has been utterly batshit


big musical number at the end?

I reckon Gran is gonna fuck over the extended family for a new immortality treatment


would genuinely love this turn of events

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I’ve watched the series under the assumption it’ll go back to the scene of Russell Tovey in the hospital with the baby, as though it was one big anxiety daydream of his. But then realised today that wouldn’t be very satisfying.


I’m thinking some kind of (glorious socialist) revolution :thinking:

Cyber girl gonna get blinked.

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You miss the horse shoe theory bit about both sides being as bad a couple of episodes ago?

I caught that actually :grinning: wasn’t being entirely serious about the glorious socialist (it was more wishful thinking) part but I do think some sort of revolution is on the cards.

It was all a dream and we end up back at the Big Bang

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Oh I hope so :slightly_frowning_face:

Should’ve just watched Children of Men again.

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Good in my opinion.

what a strange television programme


Final episode totally in keeping with the series. Utterly hatstand batshit lunacy.
Liked it.