does anyone else like Yello? I’ve recently got into them

The last one is probably their most well-known track

It’s a toss up between Oh Yeah and The Race:

I jest this is the actual video

but Nuns on the Run is a great film and that song features all over it.

(Yello are bloody awful, btw.)

I don’t know that song, but judging from that video I would say so.

However I’ve listened to their remix album and personally found it a fun listen.

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Oh Yeah is brilliant. Reminds me of several good things - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Secret of My Success, Duffman.

I was thinking about Secret Of My Success and that scene in particular just the other day after reading the 'Films you loved when you were younger that you can never rewatch". The actress who played Aunt Vera in that scene died recently :frowning_face:

Always loved this edit, dont know the original so unsure how different.

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