Yellow sticker bargains

Technically, these are orange sticker bargains but hey ho….

Richmond meat free sausages - 64p
Lettuce (not dead) - 26p

(Local Coop, around 7.30pm)



Rarely seeing more than 50p off in my local Sains these days

Those are or…oh

Saw this incredible bargain in Spar recently


Is that because rather than paying to bin stuff they can now donate it to food banks?

Not exactly a yellow sticker bargain, but a massive reduction if you can find it. Holland and Barrett have discontinued their dried soya mince and it’s down to 30p per pack in stores that have stock. I just got 4 packs in the Fetter Lane store (London). There’s a stock checker on the web page if you scroll down:

Because of that they have the option of running the first cut of the reduction price higher than they might’ve done before. Hence the 50p off comment.

Ultimately they will still be wanting to claw back as much money as they can from the waste item (where I worked, we called it recovery). It’s effectively free money. That item was going to be donated or thrown without the yellow sticker, so if they can get £2.80 back on a £3.30 quiche, that’s £2.80 they may not have had without a yellow sticker. Mitigates against the waste margin

Find it absurd that the retailer I worked for didn’t introduce yellow stickers until relatively recently.

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I got lavazza coffee for 50p a pack, normally a fiver. Bought six of them.