Apologies for the Daily Mail link, but this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read - proper “think of the children!” moral panic, almost every sentence is unintentionally hilarious:


Chris Martin was unavailable for comment.


Is this that one that only @japes joined?



Hard to pick a favourite part, but I particularly liked “Emoticons — this generation’s hieroglyphics”.




Adult paedophiles


^ I think I remember him from a Def Jam compilation




fully done


“For research purposes”




I probably would have chosen a better phrase than “no-man’s-land”


Just skimmed this but trying to think of ways that a kids’ dating app could go well.


I guess there’s some logic in it (a chat app linked to verified social networking accounts like Facebook would be preferable to some of the murky predecessors like Habbo Hotel or even the chat rooms of days past)… but yeah, it’s never going to end well is it?