Yellowjackets (please blur spoilers)

This is a thread to discuss the excellent new TV series Yellowjackets. You can watch it on NowTV.

Please blur any spoilers and say which episode/s your spoilers relate to.

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The cast is so good. The young and older actor who plays Shauna are such a great pairing! They look lile mother and daughter

Only up to episode 5 but just loving Misty.


I finished watching this today and loved it so much. An amazing female cast and I really enjoyed the mid-90s teen nostalgia. For those that haven’t seen it there is a split timeline, half focuses on the events of 1996 and half in 2021.

I didn’t want it to end but also couldn’t stop watching :laughing:

Bit off topic of the show itself but I was like…oh yeah I’m totally identifying with the 90s teens here not those middle aged women…oh…wait :see_no_evil: Probably about 4 years older than I am.


Yes! I thought the same. I assumed they were about 14 in 1996 which would make them my age but they’re 17/18 which would still only make them four years older than me! :laughing:

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Yes the casting is absolutely spot on in this. As good as it gets.
Yeah, Melanie Lynskey :star_struck:

Still got one or two episodes to go I think

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Finished it last night and until episode 7 I was like, yeah, this could definitely all still be wrapped up in one season…? Lol.

Would have quite liked it to be a really good one season and then done, but I’m excited for season 2.

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Just finished ep 1, liking it so far

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Very strong lost vibes from the first episode. Really got it’s hooks in already.

Some of the actors look like teenagers, but others are definitely pushing it a bit. If this runs for a few seasons the 1996 parts might start looking really silly.

Only seen the first episode but its promising - agree on the lost vibes, but also reminded me of that other shipwrecked girls show that came out last year (can’t remember the name of it).

Most impressive bit so far is the casting of young Melanie lynskey - looks exactly like her!


The wilds. That was it - though that felt way more teen drama than this.

Kept thinking about this after watching:

Really enjoying it. We’re up to episode 5. As I think I mentioned in the tv thread, feels like it sits neatly between two other really good recent shows - The Wilds and Cruel Summer.

How are people finished with the season? Now TV says the last ep isn’t available until tomorrow ?

Gutted was looking forward to watching it today!

Oh I thought it was over. Is there another? :thinking:

There are 10 episodes in the season and Now TV only has 9

ep 9 is the one where they all have shrooms and you find out the husband is the blackmailer


Ooooo when I googled it said there were 9 episodes in the series but must have been so far


OOOH! Wikipedia says 10 episodes!

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I’ve watched episode 10 and for anyone worried about loose ends…


…it ties everything up nicely by the finale :+1:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: