Yer da loves the Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart podcast


RORY STEWART: Hello Alistair

ALISTAIR CAMPBELL: Hi Rory, so how’s it goin

RORY STEWART takes a drag on his weed cigarette

RORY STEWART: Pretty good pretty good, so I mean - you ever took a shit on DMT?

ALISTAIR CAMPBELL: Man, I mean… I’ve took shits on some real heavy shit. But DMT?

RORY STEWART: Aw fuck dude you gotta try it, it’s like… bro it’s fuckin

ALISTAIR CAMPBELL: I can imagine, I can imagine

RORY STEWART: Anyway so we’re gonna get checking the threads, right?

ALISTAIR CAMPBELL: Yeah hang on pass me that bong man

RORY STEWART: Right right right, while you’re smoking up that bowl I have one question for the listener. Have you ever thought: man, I wish I had my own website. Whether you want an ecommerce platform for your business, or an easy way to schedule meetings with clients, or fuck it you just want a nice looking spot for your blog - then buddy Squarespace dot com is the place for you. Just put in the promo code CHILCOT to get a whole fifty percent off your first month


Always warms my heart when i post some absolute bullshit and think nothing of it till I see thay sweet sweet nice reply badge

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This post paid for by PROF$.

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Mind when he took his tie off

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Well, if you will keep writing brilliant posts…