YES! I'm officially not a Millenial!


And for the first time ever i wish i was :expressionless:


Might get one bloody year out of it, fucks sake. Hopefully they do a 3 year one like with the 16-25 and I can drag it out till I’m nearly 33.


are they calling it that, and if so does the discount age band move with them for their whole life


“hi let me to the front of the queue please, i’m a millenial”


pretty happy with being a xellenial, best of both worlds


As a gen xer, like, whatever


They better roll it out before my 30th next year, still bitter that free oyster cards were issued to those born from 1st September 1988 in 2006 when I’m 25th August 88 :unamused:


42 days til I turn 26. Decent timing train lads


Thought the deal was buy a railcard and you must vote tory.


in a lot of ways by using privatised train companies you are immediately a tory i’m afraid


Megabus is the only non Tory method of transport. Driving your own car is defo tory


Early McAlmont and Butler lyrics needed revising


Are you not like 40


I am not, correct