Yes it finally arrived!

That’s what it tastes like to me. It’s got a bit of that fizz and pep

This description has sold it to me…I’m contemplating ordering some.

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I should work for the tourist board of Scotland

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I like it as a phrase accurate or not tbf


will there be a televised handshake and exchange of gifts between you and a select group of scottish dissers? possibly held at the border.


hmmm could give them an old Doc Martens shoe, as is the custom of my people.


kind of feel like the outline of edinburgh castle is too complicated to silhouette there.

mate I think you need to apologise by way of ordering some Tunnock’s Teacakes right now!

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i will never apologise to the scots.

give em an inch, mate. give em an inch.


I guess that’s just the Spanish way


i think they are broadly similar to love hearts, yet I don’t like love hearts at all and adore edinburgh rock. weird huh

bam if you take a bite you’ll see that the inside of a stick is the same as ‘normal’ rock, but everything else is so different. wild, huh?

ps. i just amazon primed 12 sticks to myself

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oops I ate it all without noticing, sorry

all six?

no just the first pinky

i can’t wait to hear your verdict on the ginger

i mean the stick of rock, not when you meet @robespierre at the border


it’s good! I nearly put reparations but I thought maybe that would be too insensitive to people who have suffered serious injustices rather than just some OTT bants


it’s all getting a little spicy!

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Sounds like one of those Now That’s What I Call… albums.

Yes it’s finally arrived and it’s rockier than ever. Now That’s What I Call… Edinburgh Castle Rock!

Featuring SIX massive flavours from Raspberry, Vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Ginger and so good they made it twice… Raspberry.

Now That’s What I Call… Edinburgh Castle Rock!, it’s pretty good! Kinda like a great big long Love Heart.

Now That’s What I Call… Edinburgh Castle Rock! Get it now! P S I just Amazon Primed 12 sticks to myself.

Now That’s What I Call… Edinburgh Castle Rock!