Yes, it is Saturday

I’m up cause the wee man’s throat is giving him a wee bit of bother- the hospital said that days 5-7 might be an issue.

Hopefully he’ll last until the next dose of ibuprofen is due.

Meant to be meeting sister for lunch but it’ll depend how the bairn is feeling.

Been slacking off with running so hopefully squeeze one in.

What about all of you sweet cherubs? I’ll assume you are all still buzzing about Scotland from Thursday.

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Off in a minute for a lovely 11hr shift. Yay


Good morning

My coffee is brewing :drooling_face:

It’s the tv’s birthday today. It’s forecast to rain all day and everywhere is shut for other reasons. I feel sorry for her

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That sounds shite. My sympathies.

Happy birthday to Nebbie’s TV.

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Stupid cat meowing from 5.30am to go out but won’t go out because of the rain. He’s so loud :sob:

Our little one in unwell too. All the best to Mini Shine

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Morning :wave:

It’s raining here, plus the eldest is supposed to be self isolating because of a covid case in her school. So, plans for today? Who knows! Might take the youngest out for a bit. Might buy a stream of the King’s Lynn match later. Gonna make a Thai chicken massaman curry later.

Grim in Woodford.

Somehow getting 8 hours sleep has left me feeling more tired than my usual 5-6 :man_shrugging:

Off to work soon. Not going to cycle because of the stupid weather.


Eating a Terry’s dark chocolate orange for breakfast.

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The chilli oil on my pizzer last night’s giving me all sorts of belly problems.

Have to empty the garage shortly.

Got a sore knee.

Working this afternoon.

Four nil down here, ffs.

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Morning all!

Slept really badly as a result of my ongoing cold but have woken up feeling much better. Wor Lass moved to the sofa at 2.00 to escape my phlegmy heavy breathing. I am not very popular.

I’m taking The Child to gymnastics first, posting some things (including my mother’s birthday card), calling my mam to wish her a happy birthday and then eating some food. I think we’re doing a mix of falafel and kofte from the freezer along with some pitta, salad and grilled (possibly griddled) halloumi.

Morning all. Raining so hard out there it reminded me of Carol Kirkwood’s classic weather forecast.

(Very naughty by Alan of North Yorkshire, that.)
About to leave for a 12-hour shift at work, then it’s the weekend!



Hey up.

On my second tea, had some toast. Off to steward church in a bit then zoom first communion prep again although when they’ll get to do it who knows.
Then driving to Chippenham to pick up a parcel

Then going to read under a blanket all afternoon.

My Xmas DMs are on their way too :heart_eyes:


Good morning. Bit hungover after drinking with pals on Zoom but it was lovely and much needed.

I’m in isolation before having some minor surgery on Mondsy so guessing I’ll be watching films all day.


Do you send one to everyone on the boards cos that must take a while?


Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with this product. Legal proceedings have begun.

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