Yes, it's Friday Night! Aaaaaand here's

the Friday Night Thread

Good evening all :slight_smile: how are we? Hope you are all doing well and for those of you for whom this is your Friday: happy Friday!

And for the rest of you: I wish you all a very happy non-Friday Friday evening.

Plans? Schemes? Ruses? Tell me what is going on for you this evening?


I am drinking cava & nursing sunburn & eating patatas fritas

can’t complain

might take a walk along the beach later


Evening CCB, evening all.

Currently waiting in a Morrisons car park while the gf does the shopping. I offered to help but I think my dawdling is something she’s in no mood to put up with today.

Plans involve cooking some kind of bacon wrapped cheese stuffed monstrosity and then to work on some music with a gin and tonic or two. I’d rather have a cider but some bastard crammed that stuff with calories and carbs so it’s gin for this horse for the foreseeable.

Hope you’re all well and you’re all making good use of the Friday evening sunshine.


Had a lovely afternoon, went to an exhibition with a girl and both were exceedingly cool.

Drinking a pint in the Euston Tap, waiting for the rush to subside.


I’m about to make sloppy joes using this

and will be rewatching Stranger Things S1 to prepare for watching the new ones that we haven’t got around watching yet. Really want a cider. Like really, really.


Was gonna get pizza, but gf isn’t coming round now so i’m not.

Having a nice glass of water will my stubbies get chilled.

My start season 7 of the west wing.

Thinking of park running tomorrow so should take it easy.

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Ohhh thought the whole things was in the can for a second there.

Sad cider craving solidarity :fist:

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I’m still on the way home. But I’m going to get in, get changed and then make some crispy chilli beef and egg fried rice

You’re very smart

Ooh, that sounds like an excellent use of any weather. Could definitely go for a bit of that.

evening CCB, all,

about to head out to see a few bands at the first day of Readipop festival. Nothing that exciting tonight, but friends are curating/going. I’m hoping Audio Bullies might be fun, as I’m not really up for Brand New Heavies… there’s a group called IDRchitecture, who are named after the IDR (one way road round Reading) gonna get drunk and whatnot and have a good time.

I’ll level with you, I’m already beginning to feel half cut and that gnome still hasn’t finished getting ready. hmmm.


Had some prawn pad Thai at my changeover in Birmingham and now I’m on another train. Got to do some work to submit a report before a deadline and then there’s a cancer documentary I want to watch on iPlayer. Picked up some passion fruit chocs from hotel chocolate and got an irn bru extra to wash them down with.

Wouldn’t like to make a habit of that… Should probably have a second pint.

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I wanted to get home early and cook something fancier but some absolute plum* booked me on an absence management course from 1.30-4.30pm on a Friday afternoon.

* that plum? @colon_closed_bracket


Mince and that with this spicy, peppery sauce on in a bun. Basically chilli in a bun, as I understand from the movies and that. Got some tiger rolls and mexicana slices, should be good.

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I’m gonna get drunk and go to southampton. Order TBC.

Dinner: undecided, possibly none.

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Taking it easy tonight cause I have a 6am start tomorrow for Pride prep so I’m making a lamb rogan josh and then my night will be an episode of Angel, some Lost Odyssey on the Xbox, some G1 Climax writeups and a chapter or two of my book if I have the time.

It’s been like 2 months since I went out on a Friday I’m getting so boring :rofl:

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Strong case for the GOAC (greatest of all curries) there