Yes we are having an evening thread.

Evening. Having soup and toast for dinner. No plans :woman_shrugging:

One of the delights of working the week of Christmas is that there’s less people around to email me

Panoptical parenting, genius.


Enjoyed Hacker (T dog obvs) on a Cracker.

if you had to make a starter for christmas dinner to bring to someone’s house what would you make

Probably just take a camembert

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If your children aren’t aware that their every move is being surveilled and morally weighed, what good are you doing?

I say this as someone who has just explained the traditional listed company org chart to a six-year-old because she’s watched too much Boss Baby


Nah, we have one who does no watching just has to do something new every night. Bane of my fucking life. Been woken in the middle of the night by my wife and sticking that fuck in the oven or whatever. He does no behaviour monitoring.

They sell this in One Stop (and so therefore probably Tesco too)




Here’s the cunt doing snow angels in rice that was met with indifference and I had to clear up.


The idea is that they have an elf doll and every night when the kids are asleep the adults move it to a new location/pose, to give the impression the elf has its own life.

If they are bad, the elf snitches to santa

Why was the elf waterlogged?


No bowl was available


Thanks FL.

Had a roast aubergine with gochujang dressong, with leftover sprouts and swede.

Just had a chat with my ma. She spent about 5 mins explaining the routes they took to/from Scotland in August when I met them.

Would like a drink but scared my toe is gouty.

Gonna finish s3 Tremé.


Going to be a late one as bedtime hasn’t even started yet.

Had a nice solstice so far, been mostly prepping a celeriac and garlic pie whilst M watched scooby doo then took herself off for a nap. Parenting has never gone so well with no parental effort involved. Sure it’ll never go that smoothly again. Pie took forever though then realised the light festival was booked an hour sooner than I realised ao we had to get a taxi all the way there and then we got one back as I just cba at 7pm with a 4 year old. £30 :grimacing:

Pie is in the oven now for our solstice feast. Then I’ll tackle bedtime and see what damage that nap has done.

The cat is driving me up the fucking wall today.


Do you think a mimosa would go with a samosa?

Maybe start a drink/food pairings that rhyme thread tomorrow


No you’re absolutely fine in tier 2 on the other side of the A331

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Pâté and oatcakes and chutney

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You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, what about samosas with mimosas?