Yesterday, Next doors cat


was sat in my garden messing with a mouse…had it in it’s mouth and let it go then got it again

Was kinda fascinating to watch for a while

Then he just started eating the whole mouse

The mouse tail was wagging out of the cats mouth as he just chomped and chomped til it had gone

Is this normal?

Is the cat not being fed properly?


Cats are just psychos, aren’t they?

Cat hassle

Scientific studies have shown that cats still hunt and kill when they’re not hungry. They stop only when they’re too tired. They hunt due to instinct. And when they’re not hungry they do it, it’s presumed, for practice. We look at them and think they’re having fun, playing around with a near dead, or perfectly alive, mouse. But what they’re doing, apparently, is practising, ready for the next time the expertise will be needed (even if it won’t ever actually be a necessity).


Rejected Bon Iver album title


cats gonna cat


sounds highly abnormal, i’d report it to the cat police if i were you


Cat police?

Do go on…



My cat went into proper stalking mode in the garden the other day, creeping along the floor very slowly. Turns out he thought the back of a hobby horse was a squirrel or something. He then tried to style it out but it was too late.