Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)

Anyone ready for another one? It’s about as much fun as it is possible to have if enjoy making, sending, receiving, listening and writing some things about the CDs you receive.

Here’s the link to the last one:

You just need to PM me your address and I’ll pair you up. And if everything goes to plan you should receive as many discs as you send out. I just need to know if you want to:

  • send and receive a single disc;
  • send and receive 3 discs;
  • send and receive 5 discs.

Winter is a guideline theme, but as ever the most important thing is send a disc of awesome music, and if winter is not doing it for you as a theme feel free to choose your own.

I’ll take addresses for the next week or so and then pair people up. It would make my life easier if you sent your address again, even if you have sent it before.

Any questions?

i’m sorry, do you mean winter 1 or winter 2?

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I still need to send two off (sorry ran out of CDs and am super low on cash but they will get to you by the start of December)

But im already sorting the play list and coming up with art work ideas for this. Could I just do three this time?

Im also in the process of moving house so will hold on till I have a fixed address.

In for the three.

Can we just clarify a complete ban on any Christmas songs in this topic?

In for 3 please. Might do a Christmas Special for you @bornin69x (I know where you live…)

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yeah I’m in for 3 please

was intending to sit another one out like i did with part 2 but i love the winter theme. i’m in for 3!

Yes! 3 for me too. This is the first time i’ve got involved in this so pretty excited.

In for one!

In for 3 please chief

I’ll do one as I’m still processing all these wild covers. Good theme!

I’ll have a go at one please. Messaged you accordingly!

In for 3 : )

Sounds good, I’m in for the first time. 1 CD for me please, I have PMd you.

Thanks for all the messages, I’ll keep this open until the end of the week and then distribute addresses over the weekend.

Still room for plenty more, if you haven’t done it before you are very welcome to take part. And there’s a couple of regulars I’m still waiting for (not like you to turn down a dis swap @ninetyeightytwo and @anon96483921 )

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EEK! Somehow missed this thread! PM incoming!

Yes I’m in! Apologies a thousand pardons etc.

I’m in for three please. Was sorry to have missed out on the last round, but life got in the way.

I’ll play around with the theme and either go with this one or the round 3 one. Thanks

Last orders for this please ladies and gentlemen. I’ll randomly match together addresses* on Sunday so you’ve a couple of days to PM your address to me if you want to play.

@mroc & @shes_so_high I still need your address.

  • Making sure funkycow and bornin69 get each other, of course.

Just to make absolutely sure you got my message - I’m in