Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


And last but not least @wewerewerewolvesonce here are my thoughts on your Winter Is Blues comp. Again, all good stuff. Like the way it starts with a bang with the heavier stuff before going into a more wintery haze in its second half. I’ve already banged on about the Wave Pictures track up thread but well worth mentioning again just how good it is.

Apart from We Dress Up Like Snowmen my two other highlights were on the back end of the disc. I’ve not come across Sunset Rubdown before but they sound right up my street. See they’re now disbanded but have a few albums to choose from, any suggestions? I’ll also be checking out more of From the Mouth of the Sun, more lovely melancholic ambient stuff to listen to on top of what I’ll be following up from ottomaddox’s disc. I’m going to be busy.



Glad you enjoyed it I’ll definitely try and participate in more of these since I had a lot of fun making it, look forward to checking your mix out.

RE: Sunset Rubdown I’m one of those bandwagoner’s that only really started listening to them circa Dragonslayer, it’s a fantastic album though if I remember correctly I think DiS gave it 10/10.


hey @Prob500 @woweezowee and @OttoMaddox your CDs are finally burned and ready to be posted. Sorry for the delay, hopefully the wait will be worth it! I will get these posted by Saturday at the latest :slight_smile:


Really pleased you enjoyed it Prob. The whole album is full of great melodies and tracks with the kitchen sink thrown at them - while remaining a very cohesive listen. Well worth a listen, in fact I’m playing it now while cooking tea. It also seems they wanted to get in on the winter themed mixtape exchange as I got this free when I bought the album:

Re. Kronos Quartet, they are really easy to overlook because their recorded work is so often a collaboration with someone else, a performance of another composer’s composition or a score to a soundtrack that there isn’t often that sense of “oh look kronos quartet have a new album out.” I first came across them when they played the soundtrack to another Aronofsky film - Requiem For A Dream. The Fountain is a personal favourite, but most work with their name attached is worthy of a listen.

I really like that Leisure Society track, but I know exactly what you mean - as I said to DN above, I’ve been afraid of investigating them any further - probably for the reasons you mention. Glad it was otherwise a good mix for you!


Got your CD through the post today @TVDenimChap. Thanks very much, a fair bit there which is unknown to me. The Aphex Twin track (XMAS_EVE…) was on my first draft too, but got culled due to its length - it’s one I like a lot though. I’ll give it some listens and post some feedback. Cheers

Turns out I used to live just round the corner from you by the way!


Ah, did you buy it from Piccadilly Records on the strength of its being awarded their album of the year too? It’s a good album! Not listened to that mix yet.


I checked it out on the basis of their mid term review (maybe around June time?) and their weekly mailing list as they were bigging it up from the off. This and the Woods album soundtracked my summer, but I didn’t get round to buying the LP itself until towards the end of the year.

Their AOTY choice is usually good though - GOAT and Jane Weaver stick out as other notable ones recently.


And Parquet Courts!

And I’m eternally grateful for Goat. I can’t imagine life without Goat now. And it all started with Piccadilly Records.

Thinking about it, I trust their choices more than anyone’s. Hmm.


interesting - i was in Picadilly for the first time in November and they had a load of Goat - Requiem posters in the little free poster bin.


That’s very interesting. If I were you I’d have stocked up and used it for wrapping paper/wallpaper. Or to back your textbooks. If you’re still in school.


was only over for the weekend, grabbed one which turned out to be a hassle to carry around and got a bit squashed so grabbed a second one before heading back to the airport. they’re both still residing on my bedroom floor for now tbh (i’m not in school no)


Yeah World Music is a cracker isn’t it. I think I might have first been introduced to Sufjan via their top billing of Seven Swans one year too. I checked out Parquet Courts as a result of their recommendation, but they’ve never really clicked with me unfortunately.

The end of year booklets are great to keep dipping into to see what you’ve missed. I’ve got them going back years


think those came out about a week after i was there this year. fuckers.


I’ve just had an email from Barbican saying whyte horses are playing a show with visuals and guests badly drawn boy, go! Team + more. They are playing the hall which is a really big space. 11th may, tickets onsale to non members tomorrow. May well do that.


I want to go there!


That sounds fantastic. An evening of scruffy lo-fi psychedelia!

@Icarus-Smicarus - if there are any of those booklets left next time I’m in town I can pick one up and send to you.


Awesome, hope you enjoy it!

And nice! Only been here a few months but loving it and the city as a whole.


@bornin69x just got around to listening to your mix - good work!

I think the only thing I didn’t enjoy was The Teardrop Explodes track, maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind but was just too difficult. Other than that was solid throughout, nice chilled vibes. I had the Decemberists track on my list too, lovely little tune.

Highlights upon first listen were The Advisory Circle, Esplandor Geometrico, Jens Lekman, Fleet Foxes, and Midlake


Glad you like it. I found I had lots of winter songs that sounded very similar - sensitive indie types strumming and crooning about the cold weather - and tried hard to disrupt that a bit hence the Teardrops track which is deliberately jarring. Not everyone perhaps, but hopefully interesting for anyone who just knows their big pop singles.


ah that’s very kind but there’s no need really! :slight_smile: i had a look through the online list already anyway. cheers though!