Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)

In for one, I’ve been slightly slack in the past so determined to right past wrongs etc.

@ brainfeeder, chose your nasty and nice to soundtrack Dunnet Head (most northerly part of mainland Scotland) to somewhere on the East Coast. “Nice” has a lot of winners! Will feedback properly when they’ve had a few more spins!

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Yep I’ve gotcha '82

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positively the last bump for this. @mroc and @wewerewerewolvesonce @eems I still have no address for you all. If you do want to play I need them sharpish. Good turnout for this one - if everyone sends what they should 60+ wintery CDs should be crossing the country


And I’ve just seen it! Hooray! I always miss these. Pm incoming.

Dont have a permanent address currently. Will see if I can sort something out.

PMed U

I keep missing these, but am hopefully in time for this one. Have PM’d you now.

Have already made great headway in putting mine together I am very, very pleased with myself :blush:

much like with part 3 i’ve got a massive longlist that i need to try and whittle down - gonna avoid putting it off for so long this time though.

fuck i’m struggling already. i don’t really want to make it a double album but it might turn out that way.

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think i’m gonna squeeze the best of it onto a CD and then post an extended Spotify playlist to go with it for anyone who’s interested

I’m in for this - I can send three.

I’ll work out how to make a CD at a later date!

Balls, cock up alert. was meant to send this as a PM. Sorry all. Mods - could you delete the previous message (or could someone tell me how I get shot of it myself).

Thanks mods. Move along everyone, nothing to see here.

Anyway … we’ve a bumper collection of participants this time. I’ve started to send out addresses, about half of you will have a PM from me… I’ll get the rest of the emails out over the next couple of days.

Did you get mine? Not convinced I’ve got the hang on pms on this brave new site and I haven’t heard anything back.

Hey Prob. I’m in for this again. I PM’d sometime back.

I’ve got you down for 3 scagden and you for 5 Trev. I’ll try and get the remaining messages out tonight.

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There we go, all PMs are now out. If you’ve sent me your address you should have details of where you need to send your mix CD(s).

On every swap there’s people who disappear without trace - no discs sent out, and no acknowledgement of discs received. Please try not to be that person, this endeavour survives on good-will (and impeccable music taste, of course).

I’ll set an entirely arbitrary deadline of the middle of January - about 6 weeks - to get CDs out. If everyone is done and dusted by then it lines us up nicely for edition 5 in time for valentines day (perhaps in memory of Leonard we should have songs of love and hate?).


I am ALL OVER THIS ONE already mixed, burned, packed (had jack shit to do at work today…)

@Gert , @eems, @cheeseandbaconturnov, @LastAstronaut, @SurfsUp get ready for some droooooone