Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)




Pretty much finished mine, don’t want to put out too many spoilers but it’s got a fairly…diverse collection of genres.


mine is shaping up pretty up to be pretty miserable. planning to have it sent out in the next couple of weeks but might be best suited to January listening.


Despite not having a single Christmas song on it, mine sounds very Christmassy.


I will be sorting mine out this weekend, I have done a quick first draft but there are a good few I’m not totally happy with and the order will no doubt change a good few times before I’m happy with it!


Mine is miserable and VERY droney


yeah i still need to sequence mine and i’ve been swapping the odd track here and there. disappointed at some of the omissions i’ve had to make but i think i’ve come to terms with it now.


Have very, very few winter-like songs, so might just put the Bo Selecta song on.


Shit the bed! That’s fast work. Hope to get mine out to you this weekend / early next week. Look out for some rock n roll, reggae, hip hop, wobbly electronics and dom other stuff. Proper winter shit!


I had a whole day of doing jaaaaaack shiiiiiiiit - leaving my job at the end of next week so am just getting in the way like a grumpy elderly relative


Mine is mostly done, just need to trim a few songs and draw a cover. Hope my recipients like relatively bleak sad songs. Maybe there are four upbeat songs. well, three.


Received this yesterday, got about 3/4 through it this morning. Not the sort of stuff I would have ever found on my own, so top CD swapping. Track 1 scared the shit out of my son :smiley: and I really liked the one about track 7 I think called something strange like vegetarian fannies or something? sorry only partially listening this time round. The wibbly wobbly one just before it goes a bit classical. The wife said it made her feel sick - she liked it too! Cheers @brainfeeder, have made a long list of about 40 tracks for yours, still some work to do :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it! I figured it might not be everyone’s cup of tea because it leans pretty hard on the drone so glad it’s been well-received. Track 7 is Stars of the Lid - December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface which is EXCELLENT (although I put the weird Russian singing and wolf howls over the top of it…).

Looking forward to hearing yours!


oh wow I hadn’t picked up on the fact you mixed the whole thing. amazing stuff. lovely cover art too. i fear mine is going to be a disappointment (but equally genre focused so I quite like the idea of cultural exchange)


‘Mixed’ is a strong word! Looking forward to doing some listenin’


@brainfeeder also digging the drone on first play through! Great mix, very suitable for cold conditions.

How much of it have you tinkered with? And what didja use to do it? Might have a go at that next time

I’ve burned yours now, will get it sent next week. Quite a folky strand to a lot of it, that sound always makes me think of people huddled in pubs when it’s shit out.


Glad to hear you’re into it.

Looking forward to hearing yours! That huddled in a pub vibe is my favourite feeling.

I just used Audacity (free MP3 editor). All the tracks are just ‘mixed’ in terms of fading in/out of each other - nothing fancy. All the nature sounds are stuck on top too.


Hi @brainfeeder yours arrived yesterday and I gave it its first listen this afternoon, nicely mixed, they flow really well. I was familiar with a few of the artists but not these particular tracks, I look forward to further listens. Other than Vilvaldi I only knew the Stars of the Lid track but I enjoyed your additions of the nature sounds, good one!

Mine is done and will go in the post to you tomorrow, quite a varied selection, a bit of heavy, a bit of hip hop, a bit of post rock, hope you enjoy.


Glad you liked it. To be honest a lot of the tracks were new to me too though they were by artists I really like - trawled through back catalogues looking for tenuous winter links… Excited to listen to yours!


Received my CD at the weekend. Have been giving it a good going over to and from work. Really enjoying it. will give a more detailed response this weekend. Hope to post yours out either this week or Saturday at the latest.