Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


Mine are gonna be late going cause I’m working away. They’re gonna be great though.


I’m still tweaking the tracklist but it’ll be posted this weekend.


Mine tracklisting is finalised. Just need to burn them, do the covers and send them out. Hopefully over the weekend.


In case anyone fancies a listen, I’ve uploaded my mix I sent to @brainfeeder to mixcloud here;


Finalising tracklisting at the moment. Mine is fucking stupid just so you know.


Mine’s here if anyone fancies a listen…


I’ve burned mine so I’ll get them in the post early next week.


Mine’s already and then realised I don’t have any CDRs. Will go out in the week


@malick @shucks @tricklenipple Should be able to finish mine off tonight and out in the post tomorrow


Got my tracklisting sorted, will hopefully get artwork done and CDs burned in the next few days.

The theme does rather appear to lend itself to a certain mood (in my record collection at least).


I posted mine at the weekend.


@TVDENIMCHAP @ninetyeightytwo @Icarus-Smicarus @Scagden @BORNIN69X

Mine will be in the mail to you in the morning.


Burned, art done, just got to get stamps and then hopefully in the post tomorrow!


@Trev, @Scagden, @bornin69x your cds are in the post to you today! Hope it’s moderately enjoyable.


Moderately enjoyable- that’s what I’m looking for in life


I like to set expectations at a moderate level, and hope to almost achieve them.


Got yours today Keith thanks. Looks like a tasty line up - looking forward to getting stuck in.

I’m pretty sure you are one of my recipients, but going to be over Xmas before I even start thinking of what’s on mine. Hopefully with you early in the NY.



got yours today! nice folky mix, quite a few I was familiar with (Broadcast, Pavement, etc.) and some I didn’t know at all.

Stand out track was definitely the Go Betweens. Hadn’t listened to them for several years and was unfamiliar with the track. Made me want to delve back into them. Cheers!

I should be sending mine out in the next day or two.


Just burning, envelopes ready, should all be sent out by the end of the week.


Nice one, that was very fast!

Before I sat down and went through my collection I had a feeling it would end up leaning towards quite a folky mix. It actually made me want to go the other way but I couldn’t find enough for 80 minutes! The few upbeat songs I found I just couldn’t get in at any stage without them really jarring so folk it was.

Quiet Heart was very close to getting cut as opening line aside I didn’t feel it was that wintery in it’s lyrics but…it’s a great opening line and a great song Glad you enjoyed it.