Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


Mine went firstclass (minted you know) tiday so hopefully they’ll arrive b4 christmas…


for me, folky = autumn (can we do autumn mixes next year?) my winter mix is all icy guitars and synths.


sorry, recipients are @si_2001, @ninetyeightytwo and @dollarsandcents


@Prob500 @malick @DustyNothing

I’ll be posting yours when I’m on my lunchbreak today. Leans on the more atmospheric and droney/modern classical end of the spectrum, with a little bit of shoegaze. Hope you at least get something out of it, and that the CDs actually work! Don’t think I’ve burned a CD for about six years.


I’m sure we did a seasons mix a few years back but I’d be up for a reprise. I know what you mean and I had a few of that ilk in my mix. I just found that lyrically a lot of the more folky stuff I own had songs about walking around in the snow and coming in from the cold etc.


I did the artwork for mine yesterday, but realised I had printed out the wrong size inlays. Should be sending out tomorrow after re-printing to @Prob500 @OttoMaddox and @DustyNothing

Tracklisting leans a little towards indie and folk, but I think that’s just reflective of how the theme is represented in my record collection. Hopefully plenty of stuff to enjoy regardless.

Hoping some folks have me on their swap lists too!


So, @brainfeeder, you’ve had my mix for a couple of weeks now, any feedback/opinions, good, bad, indifferent?


Mine will be dispatched by 1400 today.


50 minutes mate, 50 minutes and counting :wink:


They have been dispatched. But unfortunately, Mr. Cow, you are not one of my recipients this time round. Forgiveness, please.




Cheers @funkycow, received this today!

Looks right up my street. Thanks for the effort, really like the presentation and art. I’ve got an hour journey to and from work so I’m saving it for tomorrow - looking forward to spending some time with it! Just noticed you’re not in my recipients - is it not a direct swap?

Will get yours off tomorrow @paulo13 @si_2001 @bornin69x


Got mine today @funkycow - I admire your thriftiness, reusing an envelope that previously belonged to @bornin69x -

[image removed by @plasticniki at @funkycow’s request]

Lovely album cover, and it’s a VERY good mix. A nice, big, warm hug of a mix. A steaming cup of hot chocolate mix, with marshmallows floating in it.

I’d never heard The Twilight Sad before, but I’ll definitely give them the time of day now. One of my cats stared transfixed while the Lawrence English track played.

I would never have pegged Cherry Chapstick as a winter song, but it works ever so well in your mix. Sonic Youth was great, and… some magnificent underrated bands there, in the form of I Am Kloot, Peter Bjorn and John, and Lilys. Lilys!

That Broadcast one is on my mix too so, yes!

The only low point was Tim Hecker. I’ve always found his stuff to be far too clinical for my liking, but that was a minor blip in an otherwise stellar hour+.

Ace work!


which track, Cold Days? that nearly made it into mine but i’ve gone for a more obscure (and shorter) one instead


Thanks for the feedback! I hadn’t realised what cherry chapstick referred to until I looked it up (I was just thinking of the stuff for preventing your lips going dry in the winter)…

The Twilight Sad’s first album is (in my view) the clear pinnacle of their recording career, and that’s an ace opener. Could have gone with the Fireworks / Here It Never Snowed too, which actually edges it for me but has a Mogwai harshness to the intro which doesn’t necessarily work on a mix…

No offence or anything, but any chance of asking the mods to remove my address from public view !! (not so much thriftyness as one less thing to do to go and find a jiffy bag in a shop - live rurally!)…

Cheers again though, always nice to have such generous feedback!


You might need to tag one of them to get your wish answered.


@Scagden, yours arrived today! got a chance to listen i know what you mean, i’m always conscious of my picks being too ‘obvious’ as well - this time round my first draft was so long that i made cutting out the most obvious tracks one my criteria to bring it down to CD length. but i actually only knew a few of yours really - mainly Eels, Slint and Sigur Rós (have heard the Cure, Microphones and Creosote/Hopkins ones before but not for a while/didn’t really remember them).

didn’t know the Smog one before as i’ve only got the couple of albums before that one, so that was nice. enjoyed Exhaust as well, who i knew nothing about before. Songs: Ohia is one of those acts i’ve always meant to check out and never got round to it and really really enjoyed Farewell Transmission. will definitely be listening to more of them. cheers!


BLOODY HELL I simply didn’t consider that you wouldn’t want your address up there.

Or at least, I should have known but… I’m rubbish.

I cannot apologise enough. I’m severely lacking in common sense.

Glad it’s been corrected, will not happen again.


No worries!!


@Icarus-Smicarus, @TVDenimChap, @Scagden - my Frosti mix on its way to you now. Turn the heating up a couple of degrees.

I’ve received my first one, from @paulo13. Looks good - title track is one that was on my long list and narrowly missed out on my final mix. There’s one track shared with my final mix but most of the rest are new to me. Will send some feedback when I’ve had a chance to listen.