Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it


Frosti arrived with me today, really really enjoyed it. Nice mix of songs I really liked, songs by bands I know I need to check out more and stuff I've never heard of! That Jens Lekeman song has been on the other Cd I've received so far too. Love 'Last Snowstorm of the Year': Low played it at the Union chapel when I saw them in 2003!


Really enjoyed yours. Think it's actually much more coherent than mine; you've managed to capture a tone the whole way throughout in a way that I totally failed to do. I've got Laura Gibson's album from this year but haven't checked out any of her other stuff but I loved 'Wintering' so I'll have to check that out. I put that Eels song on my mixtape! Nice to hear lots of bands/artists I've never checked out too. Great work.


Hah, are we now taking it as read that we have all included Dead of Winter by Eels on our mixtapes? It's on mine too which is currently whistling round the country and rattling through Disser's letterboxes like an icy draft.


"Dead of Winter" and other songs - should be the new title of each CD!


I was glad to finally have the opportunity to put Dead of Winter on a mix cd. It doesn't get much opportunities generally. Beautifully bleak.

I enjoyed your mix, @dollarsandcents, half of it is quite different from what I normally listen to. My favourites so far are Kno, Pantha Du Prince, and Christian Loffler.


Hey Otto, your CD landed today. Gave the first half a listen in the car earlier, very nice stuff. I'd say that 50% I've heard of, 50% not. But the 50% I have heard of is stuff I really like, so looking forward to discovering stuff in the same vein. The IW Craig song to start the disc is great, one of my favourites of his, and I think (haven't got the track listing in front of me) that the Frahm track was from the Victoria soundtrack? Found the soundtrack a bit unassuming to begin with, but after seeing the film (favourite one of 2016 by a mile) I can't get enough of the soundtrack and it is now probably my most listened to Frahm disc.

I'm still working out what to do with my disc - a collection of songs that are overtly about winter is leaving me with a but of a miss mash of styles that's hard to put together. May go with your idea of a disc that just feels a bit frosty musically.


Someone asked up thread whether if you send a disc to someone you'll get one back from them. For the most part the answer is no, it is random. The exception is when I had to move people around because they'd sent/received from each other before (and I'd remembered that was the case) or when I needed to move a few people around to make the numbers work.

What should happen (obviously, if everyone plays the game) is that you should send the same number of discs that you receive.


@DustyNothing - yours arrived...Friday? I think? Given it a spin, liked what I've heard (Broadcast, Mogwai, Au Revoir Simone) need to absorb it more, will report back (sorry, been a bit out of it recently) :slight_smile:

Got one today that had a card with a photo of a pier on it with the Coca Cola theme as the first song - who sent this? No name on it. :slight_smile:

@static, @ninetyeightytwo, @dollarsandcents and @funkycow - yours will be in the post tomorrow, hopefully might arrive before Christmas. Apologies!


this is what i've done, though a couple do mention winter/ice etc.

been waiting for some CD sleeves so i can get mine done and sent out but they're taking a life time. might manage to get them sent them out this week if they come soon and i'm able to get to the post office before work, failing that it'll be early january. sort of want to have them sent out over christmas even though there aren't any christmas songs on it (aside from one little tease near the end and some sleighbells here and there)


they played it at the Christmas shows last week as well! might have ended up on my mix if i owned the album


We listened to my mix in the car on the way to the Halifax show and it was great to hear them play it there. You really should buy Trust.


That's not my one... which I've just realised I forgot to put my name on :scream:
For those that get mine it starts with Broadcast and ends with Gillian Welch (with Faust, Mazzy Star & Dirty Three among others in between)


Glad it arrived and that you're into it. The Frahm track is from the Victoria soundtrack aye, might be one of my favourite soundtracks of the year but it's been a generally strong year for those.


So did everyone put Broadcast's Winter Now on their mix?

Ace song!


Hey @Scagden I received your CD - thanks! :slight_smile: I really like it; some bands / artists on there that I love, a couple i don't know and only one I don't like (manics - I hadn't head 'Too Cold Here' before and actually didn't mind it!).

I thought it was really well put together and it flows well! I'm going to give the CD another listen now as I'm home from work.


opening track on mine, great tune.


What did you think?


Early track on mine too, lovely stuff


that's my one without the name, sorry!