Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


No probs fella, cheers! Will give it a listen over the Christmas break :slight_smile:


Aha, this one was mine then. I was wondering whether someone else had added some Laura Gibson also. Her first two albums are really lovely - I think I prefer them to her latter two, but they're all quite nice.


I'm enjoying it, thanks Keith.

Couple of artist that I'd never heard before that I'll definitely be picking up on the basis of the tracks on your Winters Of Discontent, Liturgy and Danny Brown. I've seen some good things written about the new Danny Brown album so will get that one. What about Liturgy, see they've got a recent(ish) one and a couple of old ones - which would you recommend?

Couple of tracks that I haven't heard for while but will get me digging out the albums - haven't listened to Japandroids No Singles for ages but it is a banger of an album. Forgotten how much I enjoyed EMA too.

Couple of tracks I enjoyed much more than I expected. Saw Bon Iver and Warpaint too many times at festivals and got really bored with them both and have never got on with their albums. But actually enjoyed their tracks in the context of your comp, perhaps I just need to have them in small doses.

I'm still well behind on doing mine, but have checked and you are definitely on my list. @wewerewerewolvesonce
@malick @DustyNothing @tricklenipple you are also on my list. Going to be 2017 by the time you get them though, I'm afraid.


The Liturgy track came from Aesthetica which is probably the better of the first two although I really like Renihilation too. Wouldn't go near Ark Work unless you're utterly in love with those two though...


Can see what you mean about Bon Iver and Warpaint though. I love some tracks by both but I struggle with full albums at times.


Yours arrived with me yesterday, haven't got to hear all of it yet but that Laura Gibson song is lovely. In fact it all sounds great so far, but that song that made me check the tracklisting. Really like your cover too​:ok_hand:
@ninetyeightytwo, got yours today... once again I only know a handful of tracks. Your mixes are a treat so I'm looking forward to being educated & entertained again.
Think I may have over committed by going for 5 this time and will likely be end of Jan when I get to give decent feedback on this batch. I have a work trip to San Jose early Jan so should get a chance to listen to all the mixes en route & while there.


different Broadcast track for me!




Thanks Otto got your mix but haven't had the chance to listen to it yet. Teeing it up for my walk into work tomorrow morning so will report back. From the track listing it's not the normal type of stuff that I listen to but I recognise lots of the names so looking forward to getting stuck into it.


@woweezowee you're mix arrived yesterday, thanks! My plan is to stick it on my phone and listen while I make the journey home on Friday. Really cool to see a Youthmovies track on there, one of the few tracks I already have. Looking forward to listening to it all : )


I received one this morning but can't find anywhere where it tells me who it's from - it starts with Broadcast and ends with Gillian Welsh


That's my one, totally forgot to stick my name on it.


i received this today along with yours! both look great, i like that both include The Fall (i really wanted to bookend mine with Winter 1 and 2 but neither made the final cut)

still owe you some proper feedback on last round's mix, sorry i'm a bit behind!


Glad to hear it arrived with you! Yeah, always great to hear a bit of Youthmovies/ymss – saw Ham briefly this summer actually. The mix was running slightly over the 80 minutes limit and so I sliced that track a little in the end to fit everything on. There’s a dead stop about 5 mins in before the final two minute wigout, which unfortunately got cut. Those early youthmovies tracks are really hard to get hold now of so I figured it might be a new one even for those who were familiar with the band.

Hope you find stuff to enjoy – I took a very literal interpretation of the theme, so they’re all pretty explicitly wintercentric. Listening back it sounds more stylistically diverse than I previously thought, so I think that’s increases the chances of catching some you like.


@OttoMaddox I’ve given it a couple of listens now and thoroughly enjoyed. Lovely feel and flow to it. A great accompaniment to my cold walk into work this morning. Could have only been better suited had it started to snow. The only ones I have in my own collection are Grouper and Tim Hecker both of whom I love so not too sure why I haven’t delved into more similar acts. I think your mix will certainly help me do that.

The real standouts for me so far are:

Ian William Craig – A beautiful and otherworldly start to your mix. A name I have read a lot of on here without exploring further but I wish I had now if this is what I have been missing out on. Is this from the album that has been raved about this year?

Hammock – Probably the most traditional and song structured track on your mix and something more fitting with my usual tastes. Again a name I have read on the boards and seen regularly mentioned in the end of the year polls. We definitely been exploring further although I understand they have a rather large back catalogue!

Rafael Anton Irisarri – A complete unknown to me. It had me before the violins came in and then it completely blew me away. Is this a good representation of his sound? Any recommendations on where to start with him?

Hopefully repeated listens will open up a few more. Great stuff in all though so thanks again!


Came home utterly dejected from a rather predictable Charlton collapse at Millwall last night but it was genuinely a nice little pick me up to see your cd on my doormat. Didn’t have a great success rate having done these swaps before but looks like I’m on for a full set this time.

Your mix looks like a third of stuff I know and love (Malkmus, Eels, Yo La Tengo, BSP, Calexico) a third of names I know but have never really checked out and a third of unknowns so a nice little mix.
Will be doing a lot of travelling over Christmas so will give this a few spins and report back.


Sounds a lot like my mix!
Which IWC did you have on there?
Rafael Anton Irisarri is the bee's knees, right?
Love that drone


Awesome, that’s great to hear it provided a little pick me up. Hope you find some worthwhile discoveries on there and enjoy it on your Christmas travels.

Re some of those you mention you know and love, I tried to go for strong songs on what I guess are probably considered lesser works for those artists. Always hard to try and strike a balance between the new and the familiar with everyone having such different frames of reference.

I haven’t received any mixes so far and no mention of any coming my way, so currently feeling a bit ambivalent about this round of swaps. Nice the ones I’ve sent have been warmly received though!


The IWC is A Slight Grip, A Gentle Hold (Pt.2)
The Rafel Anton Irisarri track is Watching As She Reels. Gorgeous stuff. Will definitely be investigating further!


Glad you like it! That IWC track is from one his albums a couple years ago. He's releasing stuff fairly rapidly but I'd certainly recommend the one from this year, Centres to start with. Centres is very lengthy mind. Either that or A Turn Of Breath are great places to begin with.

Hammock's most recent is pretty great (also lengthy) but really rewards repeated listens I've found.

And as for RAI, where to start is a little difficult in that his other tracks are a lot less violin based, more of a synthy droney vibe. If the latter sounds good to you then I would go with A Fragile Geography, but his first one, Daydreaming has a few more instruments and is more in line with the track on the mix CD. Not listened to that properly in a while though so I may be misremembering it! There's also this one too which is the A side to the track I put on the CD.