Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


Sorry to hear that. Very annoying and it almost put me off signing up for it again but I guess it is a gamble and luckily I’ve been okay in this swap. If you don’t get any let me know and I can always send out my copy. Might not be too much for you to discover though as our tastes seem fairly similar!

Really enjoy the whittling down stage but do struggle to find what I think would be a nice balance and then a nice flow. Surprised at how many I had for this one and went through multiple drafts. My BSP – Oh Larsen B – just missing out on the final cut and I went for Pavement – Greenlander over Malkmus – Freeze The Saints.


Cheers! Will start with Centres, Everything & Nothing and Daydreaming and see how I get on. Do most of my listening on the move now and prefer to have something you can put on and really get into so not put off by anything lengthy.


Has anyone apart from @Trev received mine? Sent them out first class last week!


Thanks a lot DN. I'll see whether any come through over the next couple of weeks and let you know if nothing arrives. I agree it's a gamble each time - I've participated in two previous rounds sending out five cd's and from memory I think I got three back in each.

The close alignment of tastes might actually prove a blessing as there may be some similar bands that have just passed me by. Like for instance I'd never heard the Tindersticks until prob sent me his mix in a previous round with one of theirs on. Seems like you've been taken by a Hammock track on a mix you've received - aside from one stinker on it, that's a cracking album. Don't think you'll be disappointed there man.


Would really like to see some of these on mixcloud!


Mine's here;


Bugger, that link's wrong. This one should work!


Hey @shucks, yours arrived last night. Not listened yet, but looking at the track listing it looks like it's full of the sort of stuff I don't usually listen to (and The Bangles), so it'll definitely be an interesting experience!

One question though - one song's called "Santa's Satanic Rights", or something. Is this a typo, or is the song about freedom of worship?


Ditto @shucks, this'll be a new listening experience for me too. Nice font choice and art. Like the plastic sleeve, feels "collector-y" to me! Will feed back in due course!


@ninetyeightytwo and @funkycow - cool, enjoy guys! :smiley: Hopefully it will prove interesting!

Yeah that is a typo, it should be 'Rites' dunno what happened there. The artwork was taken from the cursed images Twitter feed!


I love that Twitter feed. There should be a DiS equivalent. Soon there will be. Oh yes.


Posted mine off yesterday @Prob500 'pologies for the delay I would upload a mixcloud but I'm at my folks at the moment so I'm not sure I have access to all the music that made the final cut.


Hey @Trev, if yours is the one that opens with Broadcast and closes with Gillian Welch, it arrived today, and it's brilliant!

I've been wanting to hear some Unwound for some time now. And having recently "discovered" Hope Sandoval, a Mazzy Star song's more than welcome too!

Nice album art, an' all.


Ah great, thrilled you enjoyed it :smile:
I only heard Unwound recently on a recommendation from the double albums thread so I was pleased to include them this time.
Hope Sandoval is a treasure, the new album is excellent & you've some great music ahead by going to their nineties albums.
Looking forward to listening to yours, haven't had a chance yet but I'll give some feedback post Xmas.


Hey @ninetyeightytwo - I only received yours either yesterday or on Christmas Eve (was away from home from Christmas Eve, so not sure what day the post arrived), so it definitely took its time! Am listening now!


I think your mix has proved that even with similar tastes it can throw up something new so I'm home now so happy to send one on regardless or I'll try and sort out a mixcloud account later.

Standouts for me are:

Whyte Horses - Know nothing about theses guys but loved the 60's feel to it.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Thought it sounded familiar but surprised when checking the track listing as I've never knowingly listened to them before despite reading all the acclaim. Will definitely check them out now on the strength of this track.

Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet - Again a completely new one on me. Perfect winter song. A touch of Mogwai about it. Probably only beaten by the below as my favourite on the mix.

Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies - What a song! Absolutely loved it! I saw your earlier comment about it being hard to get hold of their stuff so am I going to struggle in investigating much further?

Leisure Society - Have read the name before but not sure if I'm getting them mixed up with someone else as I didn't expect them to sound like this. Strong song, vocals really reminded me of Midlake.

The only two I have started skipping on repeated listens are Laura Marling & Ugly Casanova. I've tried a few times with Laura Marling and it never clicks. Hard to say why. A lot going on in that Ugly Casanova track. Not being the most immediate of tracks I thought I would gel with in time it but it hasn't happened.

Overall though that's a pretty great hit success rate so thanks again!


Ah excellent, I'm really chuffed you found plenty on here to enjoy. I think it's starting to look less likely that I'm going to receive any mixes from my assigned swaps, so if you are happy to send a copy of yours then that would be great. Can PM you my address?

Re. the standouts -

Whyte Horses are from Manchester and not sure how much their music has spread beyond the local area, but the album was one of my top 5 this year in the AOTY thread. Really cool, stylish record.

Clap Your Hands - the self titled debut one the mixtape song is taken from is definitely the one to get. It's probably really cheap to buy online now and really consistent throughout. I think you'll like it.

Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet - the song was taken from The Fountain OST which they did all the music for. The whole soundtrack is just incredible and more than stands on its own merits beyond supporting the film. You can't go far wrong with either of these imo, but this is a great place to start.

YMSS - Glad this proved a gem. This is taken from their first EP which I think is impossible to get hold of now. They also released the song as a split 7" single with the Edmund Fitzgerald who later morphed into Foals. Their next EP is probably their best work I think and you should be able to get copies of. It got re-released in a jewel case with a couple of extra tracks, but the original handmade edition is very nice if you can find:

They then shortened their name to Youthmovies and made an album that was maybe a little more commercial and maybe emo than previous stuff, but still good and easy to buy. I can upload that first EP to my dropbox and pm you a link if you like?

Leisure Society - I remember liking this song and buying on itunes when it came out, but in honesty I don't think I ever investigated them further. I think I was afraid this would be their highpoint and doing so would only lead to disappointment!

Funny you should say that about Laura Marling - my wife is the same and I don't think she knows exactly why either. Ugly Casanova was spin off band of Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse - I always loved the combination of rootsy Tom Waits clang and the layered vocals. Glad you enjoyed the mix though, you're welcome.


you're getting one from me! still at my parents' for another few days so will be posted out when i get back to civilisation


Yes no problem PM me your address and I should be able to get it done and posted today.

Thanks for all the info. Going to do some investigating this afternoon. Will add Damien Jurado to the list as it's one I forgot to mention yesterday. Again I name I have seen over the years without ever checking out even though it sounded like the kind of thing I would like. Looks like he has a large discography so is there a best place to start?

If you could upload the first Youthmovies ep for me that would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know if Laura Marling is so pleasant it just passes me by. It's not that I hate it but nothing grabs me. Might give a couple more Ugly Casanvoa tracks a try then although I think I've got enough to get stuck into already!


Hi @wewerewerewolvesonce got back from Xmas away and your disc was on my doorstep - thanks! Looks like a good selection, probably about 50/50 known/unknown. You've already got top marks for having an early Wave Pictures B-side on there. Incredible song, loved the way they just tossed off non-album tracks like this in the early days. We Dress Up Like Snowmen was on my long-list but couldn't squeeze it vibe-wise into my mix (but went for January and December because every one of my mixes needs a Wave Pictures on).