Yet another DIS CD swap (part 4 - WINTER)


@woweezowee, @OttoMaddox, @shes_so_high, @Trev and @ninetyeightytwo - back at home after the hols and ready to put this together - tracklisting’s all done, so just a case of piecing it together and burning them all. Hoping to have them ready by the end of the weekend :+1:


Great, thanks Ic-Smic! No rush, I look forward to it when you get chance to send.


Thanks man, I’ll drop you a PM in the morning with the link on once I’ve added to my dropbox.

Re. Jurado, I think he’s hugely underrated, so I try and plug him at every opportunity! Most of his records are worth a listen (I Break Chairs is the one that hasn’t really clicked with me) and he follows a similar path to Elliott Smith in some respects from early lo-fi 4 track stuff to bigger arrangements later on.

Ghost of David is a good early record - beautiful downbeat songs on the first half of the record and then looser, more experimental stuff on the second. Kind of Vivadixiesubmarine…-ish in a way if you know/like that. This year’s Visions of Us On The Land is a good later record (the end of some kind of weird trilogy) where he gets kind of proggy.

St Bartlett is my favourite overall though, and it’s the one the song on the mix is taken from - great songs, arrangements and production. Good place to start I think :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your mixtape Dusty Nothing. You needn’t have worried about there being nothing on there for me to discover – I think there’s about a similar ratio you experienced with mine. I probably know about 1/3 of the songs, am familiar with another 1/3 of the bands and am completely unfamiliar with the remainder!

Had chance for a quick spin on Christmas week travels and it provided very nice seasonal accompaniment to our journeys. Need to listen more and familiarise myself with it and then I’ll post some proper feedback, but am enjoying it.

The Dirty Three song is the big early standout. She Has No Strings Apollo is the only record of theirs I own and as much as I like it, I always dismissively thought they were a one trick pony - so never investigated further. Don’t know why as I hate it when people make that same lazy assumption about Mogwai, but there we go. It’s a beauty.


Which Dirty Three track did you go for Dusty? My favourite band of all time.

Give Ocean Songs a spin Wowee, can’t imagine you’d regret it (my favourite album of all time) (…Apollo is a middling D3 album).


Good stuff, I found that ratio really worked with your mix. Glad I found the same kind of balance and that you’re enjoying it.

I’m a big Mogwai fan but get the same reaction from my friends who are not. Admittedly there are a number of songs you can pick up and drop into any album across their career and it wouldn’t sound out of place but their albums have enough of a subtle shift in sound to always keeps me interested. That’s pretty much how I feel about Dirty Three too.

I’ve still got to grab that Youthmovies link but will try and do so over the next couple of days as well as checking out your Damien Jurado recommendations.

Do you know anything by Courtney Marie Andrews? I was reading an article on her this morning and it says she was Jurado’s touring guitarist for a number of years. She’s released a couple of solo albums with a new one coming out at the end of January. I’ve never heard of her but I was intrigued by the write up.


I went with Ashen Snow which is one of my favourites from the last one and the one that I thought would suit my mix the most.

@woweezowee Completely agree with Prob500 and I would say check out Ocean Songs first. Ashen Snow is taken from Toward The Low Sun their latest release which I felt was bit of a return to form so another good one to investigate. Personally, although it does have it’s moments, it’s only really Cinder that I struggle with.


Cool, thanks @Prob500 and @DustyNothing , I’ll investigate the D3 records you’ve recommended.

Hopefully a mixtape from me landed on your doorstep sometime over Christmas Prob – let me know if not and I’ll re-send.


Cool, my wife enjoyed the mix too, so I’ll probably make a copy for her as well – good work!

Re. youthmovies, I’ll leave the link up for a couple of weeks, so no immediate rush there.

Never heard of Courtney Marie Andrews – unfortunately I’ve never seen Jurado live, so that might have been a route to her work. He played in a church in Salford last year which would have been perfect, but we had other plans that night. He’s got a couple of UK dates this spring, but none that close to me – one in Halifax and one in London. Would love to catch one of his shows and Halifax Minster would be a great venue, but feels like a bit of a trek. I’ll check out some of that lady’s solo stuff though – thanks for the tip.


Got a double album through today, Winter Sun and Winter Moon - cheers! :slight_smile:


getting caught up on the two mixes that dropped through my door before Christmas now that i’ve gotten back to civilisation.

first up, i listened to @Trev’s yesterday. firstly i appreciate The Dark Hedges on the cover!

interesting mix this, packed with bands/artists I’m aware of but haven’t really checked out, including ones I really should have listened to by now like Unwound and Codeine. I like a bit of Faust but hadn’t heard this track, I like Dave Pajo’s work with others but hadn’t gotten round to his Papa M stuff and I failed to get into Cocteau Twins a few years ago and gave up very quickly, so this was quite a good little intro to all of those, all of whom I quite enjoyed and will be investigating a bit more.

i’ve tried listening to Grouper’s albums before and always been very bored by the time i’m halfway through (apart from the Helen one) but one track in the context of a mix worked quite well, plus this one seemed a bit more melodic than some of the other stuff. also nice and wintery.

of the more familiar stuff, Broadcast are always a good pick and this one’s clearly been a popular choice seeing as it’s on @bornin69x’s mix as well, which i have on right now (i went for a different Broadcast song on mine cos i don’t have Haha Sound), and The Fall one is a favourite of mine (also on @bornin69x’s mix, though interestingly one went for part 1 and the other for part 2 - i wanted to open my mix with 1 and end with 2 but had to jettison them both in the end).

don’t think there was anything on here i didn’t like. thanks!


Following the chat about mixcloud/soundcloud links for mixes upthread here’s mine

It’s slightly different to the actual CD I posted, as I had a couple of different ideas about what I wanted to do with the mix thematically but the changes didn’t seem substantial enough to warrant a double CD. That said this might also be of some interest to @Prob500 (thinly veiled “if you didn’t like my other mix please give me another shot” :wink:)


My cheque is in the post.

Badly misjudged how much time I’d have for CD listening over xmas as I drove up and down the country with two children in the car. But what I’ve heard is great and feedback will be incoming shortly now school has started up again and I get the car CD player back to my own use.

Track listing finished and discs burned today for my outbound disc. Will get the cover done over the weekend so expect something around the middle of next week if you’re expecting something from me.


Awesome, glad u enjoyed it!
Had to get that Fall track in, even though I’ve put them on a previous mix.


@Scagden Finally got around to listening to yours today, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Liked the inlay design too :wink:

Big big fan of Spiderland, so great note to end things on. Highlights upon first listen were The Cure (of course), Eels, Songs: Ohia. Wrekmeister Harmonies (probably my favourite), Hrsta, and Sigur Ros.

Thanks for the note too, only actually read it today - made the move up to Manchester permanently rather than as a student, loving it so far! And big Dinosaur Jr fan too, although missed their most recent tour unfortunately. Sure it would have been killer.


@woweezowee, @TVDenimChap, @shes_so_high - i posted yours today so you should have them in the next couple of days!

there are a few songs with wintery titles or lyrics but i mostly just went for tracks that musically sound cold and icy to me, or the instruments make me think of snow, wind or cold weather etc etc - which interestingly some of you might disagree with on certain tracks, but i think it’s got a nice flow to it anyway. think of it as a companion to a snowy road trip.


Glad you liked it :slight_smile:
Dinosaur Jr were awesome


Mine finally went in the post first class today - @wewerewerewolvesonce @keith
@malick @DustyNothing @tricklenipple you should hopefully have my winter mix by the end of the week. I owe some feedback on the ones I’ve received:

@ottomaddox Lovely stuff. Neo classical and ambient stuff is a genre in which I feel like a bit of tourist. I’ve ticked off (and love) some of the big names on your disc – Criag, Frahm, Eluvium, Hecker, Grouper – but never seem to find the time to pick up some of the deeper cuts so plenty of stuff I’ll be following up. Highlight was the Assembly of Light track which was just magnificent, already picked up the album with that track on. Followed by the Irisarri track which is also just lovely. I’ve just googled him and discovered he was also The Sight Below who are a big favourite of mine – are you aware of their stuff? Defintiely well worth checking out if you aren’t. He looks to have a big back catalogue, any tips on where to start? The only track I could take or leave was the Hammock one which sounded like a bit of a Slowdive cast off, but I guess I’ll be picking up their album anyway given how well it did in the end of year poll. Many thanks.

@wewerewerewolvesonce & @woweezowee your feedback incoming shortly.


@woweezowee, @OttoMaddox, @shes_so_high, @Trev and @ninetyeightytwo, just posted and they’ll hopefully be with you in a couple of days! Will upload to Mixcloud start of next week in case any don’t make it.

Tried to avoid black metal, the most wintery of genres, but there’s a hint of it here and there. Apologies in advance.


Hi @woweezowee many thanks for the winter CD. It’s been getting lots of spins in my car over the last month.

A few things i will be following up. That whyte horse track is excellent. I’m only vaguely aware of them as they bothered the bottom reaches of the forum album of the year poll. Love the way they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at the track and it sounds like it could have been recorded any time in the last 30 years, a nice mash up of tindersticks, camera obscura, saint ettiene and lots of other very British bands who I can’t name right now. Is the rest of the album of the same quality? (Actually just looked at their web page and see they’ve also re-recorded the album with a school choir. Might have to get that too I’m a sucker for the Langley School Music Project).

The other big highlight would be the Kronos Quartet. I’m aware they’ve been around for donkeys years but I’ve always kind of overlooked them despite the fact they probably are the sort of thing I’d like (possible because they’ve just always been around); I’ll pick up the soundtrack you mention up thread.

In fact over the 21 tracks the quality was very high. I think there was only one track I had to habitually skip - The Leisure Society. I’ve a friends who is a big fan who took me to see them and I absolutely loathed them. An odd band to loathe given how inoffensive they are, but I think it’s their twee inoffensiveness that makes me dislike them so much.