Y'know those equation thingys on Facebook


Like where they have 3 pictures in a sum and you have to guess what number the picture represents…

Do they make money or something? Like why would someone create them?


Accounts get sold based on the fact they’ve got huge engagement and then changed into something else I think


Look, if you can think of a better way to show everybody how much cleverer I am than them, I’d like to hear it.


Ah ok


96% of people get this wrong!!11!!124e23!


Could you ‘upload’ an example please


so they want people to like the account? If people just post the answer it wouldn’t benefit the account?


Why? Aren’t you even on Facebook?


Tag a mate who


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Dunno. Think they sell based on engagement as opposed to likes maybe? Fuck knows, the world is quite stupid now is the only thing to take from any of this sort of thing IMO.


A lot of them are created by the Department for Education, as part of their maths engagement programme. Every year there is a different mathematical concept that they have to make 80% of the country aware of, and this year it was BODMAS.

Next year it is Pythagorus, so expect lots of triangle puzzles in 2017.


I am not





Is that supposed to be two beds in the second one?




The beds in the top row aren’t even in line with each other, what a mess.


These are the worst. Just the worst


Sneaky cunts