Yo La Tengo Listening Club : aka Georgia (and Ira and James) On My Mind

Really love ‘Ballad of Red Buckets’ off this record. That buzzy droney guitar feedback :heart_eyes:

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I always liked Tom Courtenay the best off that record.

Speeding Motorcycle came on one of my Spotify daily mixes and it filled me with joy.

I made a big Yo La Tengo playlist of my favourite tracks if anyone is interested:


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listened to Summer Sun last week. Bit of a less intent listen than the previous few, but I do think (as FL said) that it’s an underrated album. Which makes sense in a way, cause it’s also pretty understated. I really like YLT’s quieter side though, and I associate the mellow melancholy of this album (which is smoother, less ‘alien’ than its predecessor) with my last years at university in like 2011/2 or whenever.

The lyrics “I want to be next to you” are ones I have associated with many an overoptimistic crush. Also that song’s referencing of “Steve Coogan and Rebecca Front” blows my mind every time. It’s an unexpected place to hear those names.


I keep meaning to get a full listen of The Sounds of the Sounds of Science in as well for this. Re-downloaded it specially, but have only listened to individual tracks so far.

My main anecdote related to it is that it fits really well with a specific instance in which I read the Haruki Murakami short story ‘The Dancing Dwarf’.

IANAOYAIWBYA (YLT acronyms are rarely helpful) always strikes me as a sort of more extreme version of ICHTHBAO:

  • the genre-hopping is more extreme, best exemplified in the three minute indie pop song followed by the eight minute full-on ambient track followed by the three minute garage punk thrasher.
  • longer acronym
  • the wig outs are hella wiggy, and the quieter bits are really lovely and tender (aforementioned eight-minute ambient track is a beautiful example, and the cold chill Americana at the end of ‘I Feel Like Going Home’)

Speaking of wig outs, it’s kind of a stroke of genius how the album is structured. The stylistic jumps sandwiched by two ten minute whams of psych-gaze mayhem. It works in a really odd way that has revealed itself to me through multiple listens

oh and Black Flowers really reminds me of Flaming Lips

One my favourite live YLT tracks, this

Daphnia <3

Basinski Americana right here

i need to listen to Summer Sun again as i never noticed those lyrics.

otherwise it didn’t grab me much when i listened to it. the Today is the Day EP is absolutely brilliant however (i like my YLT loud)

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He mentions Professor Frink too

I’m not sure what I think of the structure of Popular Songs. Quite like the idea of going straight-up pop songs followed by three proper lengthers at the end, even if does feel kind of like two albums.

It’s the first YLT album I got though, and it takes me back to being 18 and listening to ‘When It’s Dark’ over and over again (which I think was pretty much the first YLT song I really got into) at night in my dinky student room. That song always reminds me of Flight of the Conchords for some reason.

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