Yo La Tengo - 'This Stupid World' out now!

No YLT thead so here’s one. New choons should be on the way plus tour - Yo La Tengo – 2018 European Dates – Matablog

Tickets on sale this Fri. Royal Festival Hall has got me hoping it’ll be a two acter with an electric and an acoustic set.


Playing the Olympia! FUCK YEAH! I could backflip with happiness.

Seeing them in 2011 is one of the highlights of my gig-going life. Seventeen minutes of ‘Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind’ with Ira mangling a Strat followed by a Jazzmaster after he ripped all the strings off the former.


This has made my day. The last time I saw them (at the Barbican) it was a two set affair - one acoustic, one electric. It was incredible.

For me Fade was one of their best albums yet. Can’t wait to hear new music from them.


I was actually listening to And Then Nothing… when this announcement came about so that’s pretty much confirmation we’ll get Night Falls on Hoboken

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Fantastic, been too long since Fade. I wasn’t big fan of the last covers album, but I think they’ve been on a long winning streak when it comes to their regular albums (I even like Summer Sun and Popular Songs)


I saw them at the RFH in 2000, which included appearances from Sonic Boom, Neil Innes and Robyn Hitchcock. It was brilliant.


And I’m doing part time work today so i can kind of justify it financially

Was only mentioning YLT recently when I was coming up with a bucket list of who I still need to see :slight_smile:

Where’s the best place to start with these guys? Always been on my list of bands to check out but never got round to it.

I’d genuinely recommend starting with the two disc best of ‘Prisoners of Love’. It pre-dates their last few albums, but gives an otherwise brilliant overview.


I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One is as good a place as any. Though I’d also recommend I Am Not Afarid Of You and I Will Beat Your Ass as a starting point, if only because it worked as one for me.

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at Forbidden Fruit?

That’s the one!

that was a good day!

It was amazing. One of my favourite photos ever was taken on that day. This was right as the Flaming Lips kicked off.

I’m on the left with the glasses and the lad you can see bawling his eyes out is one of my ATDs. He was absolutely leathered and totally overwhelmed by the moment.


amazing :smiley: think i was a few rows further back, on my tod

What a day. Easily the best Forbidden Fruit for me.

haven’t been to any since (didn’t even go to the second day that time although it looked similarly great) but none of the lineups have really matched it since

yesss, have gotten into them a lot recently, all over that glasgow gig

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I really like SWG3 as a venue too, WU LYF there was a top top moment for me.