Yo La Tengo

Tickets bought for RFH. Looking forward to this now. Don’t get to many gigs, and it’ll undoubtedly be the last gig before baby is born.


Yep likewise, good seats too - always a worry when there’s members presale.

Got my tickets for Dublin :smile: . The Olympia is a lovely venue too, not been there since Joanna Newsom last year.

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Got my ticket for Birmingham! THEY INCLUDED BIRMINGHAM

ah damn it it’s all seated, better wait until i know if friends are going or not before i get a ticket

They’ll play in Paris too, I’m as excited as you all to see them again

That threw me when I was booking the tickets earlier.
Ended up with stage centre seats at front of balcony which is about as good as I could think of.
Reckon there’ll be plenty of availability for a while yet, seeing as the new record hasn’t officially been announced…

yeah and if it’s seated i don’t really mind whether it’s floor or balcony

does the fact it’s a seated gig suggest it might be another acoustic thing? didn’t bother going to the last tour cos of that. have only seen them at a festival so dunno if the Vicar Street gig the other year was seated or not

Ah flip, I hate seated gigs.

It was all seated the last time that I saw them - and they did an acoustic and an electric set.


:heart: the Olympia

Got a Glasgow ticket!


SWG3 can’t be seated right?

no idea, never been there before!

Ohm X 2 :heart_eyes:


Ah grand, as long as there’s a jazzmaster being tossed about at some stage I’m happy


Plus an acoustic Tom Courtenay, and a Blue Line Swinger wig out. Bliss.

Saw that at the Barbican. Amazing show.

I was at the Barbican too. Incredible gig. Can’t wait for the RFH and new album.


See you there!

I think the Barbican show had the best ‘sound’ I’ve ever experienced at a gig. It was absolutely stunning – no abrasiveness or muddiness, not too loud. Can’t wait for SWG3