Yoga with Adriene - January 30 day journey (CENTRE)

Yeah it could’ve been worse! My abs don’t hurt today either, so that’s good :slight_smile:

I think you’re right about last year’s. Tbh I think I enjoyed the pace of last year’s more, or at least I felt like it was more challenging and I was doing more.

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This has turned out to be untrue, I just hadn’t moved enough.

They’re generally shorter this year than last aren’t they. Which i kinda like but with the longer ones i do feel more relaxed at the end

Just done day 15 anyway


Yeah, I noticed that too. It has been useful on the days I have needed to double up but I prefer a longer practice too. Today’s is 26 minutes.

Day 22 - Align (26 mins 35)

  • Day 22 completed

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I really liked the one-legged dancer stretches today.

Day 23 - Soar (17 mins 38)

  • Day 23 completed

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Did a double up of Day 21 and Day 22 this morning, with an hour in between. I agree with the earlier comment that the hard days don’t seem quite as brutal as last year, and also the boring restful days aren’t quite as inactive as last year either. I prefer this year so far.

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Does anyone else here skip Day 30 of these things? I don’t like the silent, “do whatever you like” Adriene videos…I need guidance!

I had completely forgot about that from last year. I might just do one of the other days again, or skip it altogether.

I like the idea - after 29 days you can now have enough poses and flows to do your own thing - but in reality it is nicer to just be told what to do.

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Day 24 - Explore (22 mins)

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I really cba today but I did it and I’m glad I did.

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Those back bends were riskier than they look - almost got a twinge doing the intermediate level. Other than that, a solid session and good stretch.

Same! When reaching back to touch my ankles/heels it felt ‘wrong’ and then when we moved out of that position I was worried I’d hurt my back but it seems ok :crossed_fingers:

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Day 25 - Amor (24 mins)

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Day 26 - Connect (24 mins)

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Sorry, been too busy to post these! I’ve also fallen a few days behind and need to catch up.

Day 27 - Yin (22 mins)

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Day 28 - Freedom (21 mins)

  • Day 28 completed

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Think I knackered my shoulder doing the Freedom session this morning. Hope it sorts itself out by tomorrow.