Who likes yoga? @meowington obviously does.

Essentially I like yoga, but loathe the whole instagram yoga wellness culture thing. You don’t need £60 lycra trousers and to be competitively thin, and definitely don’t spout a load of hindi or sanskrit phrases when you don’t really know what they mean or how they are actually used in hinduism or buddhism.

I had three bouts of shingles last winter, which left me with some nasty arthritis, and the doctor recommended yoga. I saw there was a new local yoga place that was doing a £40 unlimited pass for a month, so I signed up and went to multiple classes a week while I was on sick leave.

They were a bit of a mixed bag. Most of the teachers were lovely, but two of them were like school PE teachers. The worst experience was when they had marked a class on the timetable as gentle, but it was a printing error. It was actually taught by a former gymnast, who kept saying things like “to make this bit more challenging, try doing a quick handstand inbetween”, and doing mortifying cod-spiritual pep talks in between sections. I was the only non-blonde in that class, about 6 inches taller it seemed than everyone else, and clearly the heaviest person in the room by a large margin (this is even more ridiculous for the people who know me). It was the worst side of instagram come to life in one room. Also, if you’re finding something painful or you think it might injure you, other teachers tell you to sit out of a section and not strain yourself. When I didn’t try a handstand, this woman came and hassled me like a school PE teacher, and I ended up walking out and complaining to the school.

I try to do a few rounds of the basic Sun Salutation every morning though, although I will probably never master the chaturanga or headstand from the more advanced version.

I also liked the Yin Yoga- where you are propped up with a pillow and your spine slowly goes loose.

Did someone say Yoga?

No, you’re mistaken.

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Feel like a bit of yoga or pilates or whatever would do me a lot of good but I don’t think I will ever in my life do any of it




This is the thing I will probably never master. It’s way harder than it looks:

Can imagine trying it and then collapsing with cramp in my calves within a few minutes :frowning:

Is it true that you need to blow-off/guff/fart/pop/pard throughout the classes?

That hasn’t happened to me, but I am lucky in that I am not that gassy anyway.

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The experience varies massively with the teacher I think. It did a lot for my posture, sleep and general well being. That said, there were times I was a bit conflicted about it and looked around at the others to think to myself “what am I doing? This is the most bellendy Islington thing i’ve ever done”.


I tried it for a bit and hated it because I’m rubbish at it. It was that kind with the blocks and the ropes and stuff.

The instructor used to (wo)manhandle further into positions with a disapproving expression like the reason I wasn’t bending that way is because I wasn’t trying hard enough even though I was really pushing myself.

Joke’s on her, because it turns out I’ve probably got some kind of connective tissue disorder and that’s why I’m all kinds of gnarled up and don’t bend in certain ways. Check mate, spiritualist.

I quite liked the bit at the end where you lie on the floor doing nothing, though.

That bit is genuinely called Corpse Pose

I knew there was a reason I liked it.

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Oh christ. I would be left in a room full of gasping half-suffocated people :frowning2:

The blocks and ropes will be pilates rather than yoga.

my ex used to try and get me to do some yoga when we came back in from pissed up nights out, pretty stupid.
lots of folk have told me it’s great and i should give it a bash, one of my pals is a yoga teacher as well, he keeps asking me along, that being said i’m not going to his class as i don’t wanna bump into the ex

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used to do some really gentle stuff a couple of times a week at my last job. felt great after doing it and really miss it.

should look into giving proper classes a go

I got to YogaCentric in Crouch End. It started as a Hot Yoga studio but they’ve since branched out into Centric 3 Tribes which is Yoga/Barre (non hot), HIIT and Spin/Peloton classes. They’ve just opened another non-hot yoga branch.

The reason I love going there so much is that you feel NO pressure in any of the classes. I’ve been to places where I’ve left halfway through a class because someone is putting too much pressure on me to perform and I don’t work well like that. I’m much better in a self-motivated enviroment. Their attitude from all the teachers is “well you’ve come here for yourself so you need to do whatever you can to get the most out of this” and I love that attitude.

I can do chaturanga quite well and I enjoy that but my downward dog needs work.

I definitely seem to prefer hot yoga as its a mental thing as well as a physical. It’s like you have to focus on not fidgetting with your clothes between poses and I find that SO HARD. It’s 40 degree heat and humidity.

I have a friend who’s a yoga instructor, and she says every time this happens in one of her classes she says in a soothing, level tone that this is a perfectly natural, healthy thing to have happened and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Then she nips outside for a minute and howls with laughter.


Nah they use them in yoga too.

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