hey-hey-hey hey-hey!

i don’t think the ranger’s going to like this


Current favourite in the Balonz household

Looks alright that, is it?

eek. can kids handle the lemmings jumping off the cliff at the end?

Yeah not too bad. Essentially the lemmings just hassle the shit out of Grizzy and then he tries to fuck them up with varying degrees of success.

It is better than

Which has the sixth most viewed youtube video.

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were you talking about build a bear on here before or was that someone else?

They don’t really do that. They have no real regard for their own safety but aren’t quite suicidal.

I mullered a child in Build a Bear but I have never bought anything from there.



i think he’s a dog lopes

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I suppose you could never go back in there after that.

At the time I thought I’d never seen one before, but I saw one in town over christmas that I realised I’d seen before. It was well popular, there was a queue outside.

That was in Bournemouth and I have only been there twice in my life - all other Build-a-Bears are available to me.

You can also get a home kit now http://www.argos.co.uk/product/5547386

he’s still a cunt though


does the parent build the bear and give it to the child or is the child expected to prepare and stuff the dead carcass itself?

I think they are supposed to do it themselves but alas I have only seen an advert for it.

This was big news in my house for a few years after the millennium

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