York (title too short)

got a weddin gthere tomorrow, but have a couple of hours in the day and the day after to spend

any suggestions for good bars with good food near the centre?

House of trembling madness


Go to the new one

I’m a big fan of Brew York’s beers at the moment, and apparently they have a tap room on the river, so if it was me I’d go there (people who actually know York would probably give you a better answer though)

could go a yorkie bar rn

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Brew York Tap Room

I hear that even old New York was once New Amsterdam.

Uncertain as to why it was changed however…

That’s nobody’s business but the Turks

House of Trembling Madness
Brew York
Walmgate Alehouse
The Last Drop Inn

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Pivni is a great pub. Good beer, good atmosphere.

cheers all - any of these do decent food?

Some good places on Manhatten

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house of trembling madness is great for food. pivni definitely don’t. not sure about the rest.

this place is great if a little pricey, worth it for the surroundings though;


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Bit Brexity m9…

I always enjoyed Pivni on my visits. Has it gone down hill or are we just in disagreement?

The Tap pub by the station is excellent.

House of Trembling Madness also gets a thumbs up from me. Though I’ve not been to the new second location yet.

And for a proper old fashioned style pub, the Bluebell.


just saying they don’t do food! it’s a great pub otherwise


Current York fact: a Bollywood action movie’s being filmed there RIGHT NOW