Yorkshire pudding roast burritos


For the FAO of @ericthefourth

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Actually, I don’t know. My instinct is “irksome”, but I would be potentially willing to eat it in an attempt to be sure and in the hopes of being pleasantly surprised


I had one of these this morning (11:30am). It was phenomenally disappointing.


close the thread.


think someone posted this a while back. it’s bollocks but i’m not especially bothered by it beyond my normal irkage level (NIL)




Ate the fuck out of one the other day and it fully irked me that I think I would do it again


irks me that any kind of wrap is called a burrito now


people are queuing for ages for these at the christmas markets. the world is fucked.


Had one a while ago, meat was quite poor quality but think it could work


me too, and I don’t even eat burritos that much.

the line was crossed at ‘indian burrito’, really.


tell that to irons!


Rice in a yorkshire pud? Hm.
Oh no. Well if they did a veggie one maybe?


while you were away, you missed epimer trying to claim that burritos were sandwiches


i should never have come back


i think this sort of thing might irk me more than eric to be fair, just for future reference.




An abomination


the blt, ‘sub’ and chip sandwich are all sandwiches. the rest are not.