Yorkshire Puddings are shit

Bloody hell


A new week and yet still you persist you sicko.

I mean, oustide of asking you, alreyt is surely asking a question with only one answer…

That is me!


By complete coincidence, my answer to the “who’s your dream dinner party guests” question is Dave and Shirly from Gogglebox, Beppe from Eastenders, DJ Spoony and TKC. All of us sat around having enormous Yorkshire Puddings.


Now THAT is a party I would go to!

i have. and i’d do it again!

Think a lot of people actually aren’t that fussed by yorkshire puddings, they just don’t have the awareness of that fact

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TKC and terrible takes have been going hand in hand recently. There seems to be a concerted effort by him to up the bad takes on here. Been bored recenty?

Whilst we’re here, though…

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You need to start asking some wilder celebs. After his dunking on the chip butty you can probably get Steve Albini to say he thinks they’re shit.

In aid of the NSPCC because… It’s definitely going to traumatise children?


Might ask Gregg Wallace as a last resort


Gregg will carry a spare Yorkshire pud with him at all times

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Absolutely top threadsmithing, sacrificimg himself so Maoam could get another good post.



Literally the only thing that saves a roast dinner. Fluffy light ones. Not frozen hard ones.

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The idea that yourkshire pudding taste like nothing is also baffling me. They have a taste. Sometimes a very mild one or a very good one.

Does bread not taste of anything to you? The meat in a roast dinner is often more bland and tasteless then the pud.

Not to mention that the pud is literally designed to suck up sauce and gravy.

Might have Toad in the Hole with peas and gravy for dinner.

There’s a new episode in the series just been released!

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Tbf vimto with cloves aint it