Yorkshire Puddings are shit

i will fuck you up


definitely less good than pancakes anyway, in terms of ideal batter-usage scenarios

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Give me a moment please…

specifically crepe-style

would put them on par with american-style ones

Lets 'ave it

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Shameless coattail riding here

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Give a fuck

I do!

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You would

  1. DiS just adds on the extra 998 years for safety.

A good roast can be really great, fresh veg roasted with garlic, a nice leg of chicken with maybe a nice honey glaze, fluffy crispy spuds with plenty of salt. Stuffing can add a nice bready, slightly spicy dimension too. A nice gravy and large glass of white wine and it’s close to perfect. Absolutely no need to throw in a bit of soggy pastry, Yorkshires are so crap.


They’re a great example of English exceptionalism - beige mediocrity celebrated to an utterly inexplicable degree. Find them so uninteresting that the concept of a good or bad one doesn’t even really exist.

Went for a roast at my mate’s grandparents’ in Castleford when I was a teenager, and before the rest of the roast they brought out the Yorkshire Puddings and gravy on their own as a starter. They said it was “how we do it in Yorkshire” and I didn’t have any knowledge to the contrary at the time. I have literally never come across it or heard of it ever since though, despite spending a decade of my life living in Yorkshire.


As is well documented here, sometimes I use yorkshire puddings instead of burger buns and it’s life-changing.

I’m there RIGHT NOW

I have heard of this from my FiL’s family who are from Sheffield, but have never experienced it first hand

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I always suspected you were one of my mate’s (deceased) grandparents, and finally I have the proof.


This is not a Yorkshire thing. I can only suggest this was either a prank or a collective cry for help.

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Nah, reckon this is a thing, or at least was. Pretty sure my gran was in to that kind of thing, and she lived in Pontefract.