Yorkshire Puddings are shit

It’s not a case of the Pudding, it’s how you use the Pudding; mixed in with gravy, softened, you can pile things inside it, or you can eat it crunchy, combine it in a mouthful with any thing or combination of things from the plate, the possibilities are endless and not engaging with them is simply a way to out yourself as a culinary philistine.

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They’re too big to fit in your mouth though so it’s pointless filling them up with stuff really cos you have to cut it anyway

Can’t believe all the personal insults I’ve got. If that’s the type of people who buzz of Yorkshire Puddings, I’m glad to not be amongst them

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Also I don’t have gravy on roast dinners so have that

I think you need your roast dinner license permanently revoked


Fine, I’ll have yours



think the problem here is that people in the UK have too high an opinion of a roast dinner.
Obviously roast dinners are completely underwhelming food. Meat, potato, veg. The culinary equivalent of people getting excited to stand around for hours in the freezing cold and queue to see an old lady dead in a box.
You’ve lashed out here. Yorkshire puddings are one of the better things on the plate, the problems lie deeper.


The worlds ending in 3022??

i will fuck you up


definitely less good than pancakes anyway, in terms of ideal batter-usage scenarios

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Give me a moment please…

specifically crepe-style

would put them on par with american-style ones

Lets 'ave it

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Shameless coattail riding here

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Give a fuck

I do!

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You would