Yorkshire Puddings are shit

  1. DiS just adds on the extra 998 years for safety.

A good roast can be really great, fresh veg roasted with garlic, a nice leg of chicken with maybe a nice honey glaze, fluffy crispy spuds with plenty of salt. Stuffing can add a nice bready, slightly spicy dimension too. A nice gravy and large glass of white wine and it’s close to perfect. Absolutely no need to throw in a bit of soggy pastry, Yorkshires are so crap.


They’re a great example of English exceptionalism - beige mediocrity celebrated to an utterly inexplicable degree. Find them so uninteresting that the concept of a good or bad one doesn’t even really exist.

Went for a roast at my mate’s grandparents’ in Castleford when I was a teenager, and before the rest of the roast they brought out the Yorkshire Puddings and gravy on their own as a starter. They said it was “how we do it in Yorkshire” and I didn’t have any knowledge to the contrary at the time. I have literally never come across it or heard of it ever since though, despite spending a decade of my life living in Yorkshire.


As is well documented here, sometimes I use yorkshire puddings instead of burger buns and it’s life-changing.

I’m there RIGHT NOW

I have heard of this from my FiL’s family who are from Sheffield, but have never experienced it first hand

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I always suspected you were one of my mate’s (deceased) grandparents, and finally I have the proof.


This is not a Yorkshire thing. I can only suggest this was either a prank or a collective cry for help.

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Nah, reckon this is a thing, or at least was. Pretty sure my gran was in to that kind of thing, and she lived in Pontefract.

Well I’ve never heard of it and I know of ALL THE YORKSHIRE THINGS.

…alright I can’t back that up at all. Must be old school or something specific to certain bits of Yorkshire.

Love them massive plate-sized Yorkers that you get the sliced beef and veg served in though. Absolute bangers.

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Castleford and Pontefract are strange places tbf.

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fucking hell this is the worst take in the history of takes


bloody hell @TKC what the hell have you done!?!

Time for a long hard think about where you have ended up in life

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I love YPs (and all things batter related) but I take a hard line on anyone that thinks they should be part of their xmas dinner.

Might have to take a break from DiS for a while. Sometimes this place just takes things too far. A jokes a joke, but come on!?


my partner’s yorkshire grandma does this (rest of the family doesn’t). cause they were cheap and used to fill the kids up before the expensive meat came out innit.

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I sometimes have a Yorkshire pudding with hot sauce as a snack

Delicious edible bowl filled with the best meal of all time, the sunday roast

M8 you need to get a grip