You are a rolling nob


Fucking left me laptop at work last night didn’t I. Couldn’t have done it any other day could I? So had to drive in , send a couple of emails and the drive straight back. Hour and a half roundtrip.

Please post examples of when you have been a nob. Please keep it light, none of Theo’s dark shit.


That time I thought my passport had been stolen but it was under my desk at work all along




prefer knob to nob


I bet you do you dirty old bollocks!


I did drop my previous phone down the toilet, probably one of the stupidest way to lose a phone (though i left mine on the bus when I was 17 because i was too nervous to make eye contact with others so wouldnt look back at my seat no matter what. This one could be worse than the toilet one tbh)


This reply makes me giggle every fucking time.


Same here. I hadn’t seen that Gary Numan tweet until someone posted it the other day.


Spent two hours yesterday afternoon trying to reconcile a commission statement from the end of August 2017 with a report from the end of August 2018.