You are booking a table at a restaurant


You are asked for your name.

Do you

  • Give them your surname
  • Give them your first name
  • Give them your full name
  • Give them a made up name
  • Depends (please provide further details below)
  • Panic

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Usually give my wife’s name coz they get mine wrong sometimes


“is that Thufforth sir?”


My name sometimes sounds like a question in and of itself which I can tell you has only gotten more HILARIOUS as I’ve got older


made up or surname usually


My PA takes care of all that.


Rarely bother at KFC tbh


Check inventory


The name’s Pan, Lo-Pan.


Ive only ever given my first name. Are you supposed to give your second name? Oh god people at restaurants must be laughing at me.


Jay Rayner


My real life name is slightly unwieldy and my first name is a very common surname…so I give my first.

(I am not registered by my real name on here).


I’ve got a very common first name (can you guess it) and I’m always suprised they accept if, for how many of us there must be booking with it.


Two of you are going for a meal. Do you…

  • Passively book a table for two and end up near the pass or a bog, etc?
  • Selfishly book a table for four and tell them two have cancelled midway through?

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Yup, same, because my name sounds Scottish which scares people, whereas my other half’s name is the same as a recent Prime Minister. (Yes she’s called Neville Chamberlain).


Shorten my first name. Less scope for them to get it wrong then.


Genuinely WHAT at people giving their first name?? Why?? Would?? You?? Do?? That?? Bit thrown by this one tbh. Had never even considered someone might do that. It’s very strange. Do you also give your first name first when, say, on the phone to a company?


I’ve never booked a table at a restaurant so I have never had to think about this. Who really cares?

  • i book a table for the amount of people expected to attend
  • i am a sociopath

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My surname is 13 letters long, foreign and needs to be spelled out phonetically whenever I have to give it. Life’s too short.