You are dealt Q πŸ’“ T πŸ’“ on the button

Sizes of both stacks please.

Huge mate

Oh right. Then it’s a check all day long.

Think it said something about 12 dollar effective stacks ? I don’t play poker so…

It’s a check because there are hardly any hands your opponent could have that are worse than yours and where they’d call your bet. If they have a better hand then you run the risk of them raising you and either forcing you to fold or costing you more.

You’re a QT


The ten of my hearts


What amuses me is that I know there’s at least one poster on here who’s a better poker player than me, who could probably blow my reasoning clean out of the water.

How do you know this sorry? My hand could be anything right?

Well that’s certainly a factor. If they’re a complete maniac who will call a preflop raise with absolutely anything and stick with it then sure they might get lucky. But assuming the other player is reasonably sober they have probably hit a pair on the flop. You can hope they have A8 for instance, but it would seem unlikely and there’s a decent chance they’d fold to a bet on the river. If they have a pair of 8s though then they’ll put you all in straight away.

The constant calling suggests one of these three: a bad player, a cautious player, someone who’s milking you with a better hand. If the first then it’s best not to bet the farm on a mediocre top pair hand when this person will give you other better chances. If the second they’ll fold unless they have you beat, and the third person will force you to hand over all your money.

Actually instead of A8 substitute 89 of the same suit. That’s a bit more likely.

You have to know when to hold them and also when to fold them.

[to be fair I think this is the answer jordo was angling for from the start]

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Seems to me BB is check/calling in hopes of flush. If BB had pocket pair and flopped a 3 or 4, he/she would have trips and would most likely re-raise any bet you made.

Also have to think if they had a higher pocket pair then tens, would have also have made with a higher bet.

I would raise to 100 minimum, if they re-raise me I would have to think they have three of a kind or a higher pocket pair then tens. Tough not to call any re-raise, with them check calling with top pair on board imo.

If they are slow playing you with a J 9 good for them.

Both perfectly plausible approaches imo.

My view is coloured by the fact that when I was playing for money my absolute favourite trick was calling down/ betting bad value bets with a drawing hand only to see my opponent pay me off handsomely when I hit on the river (sometimes even on the turn). This would always provoke apoplexy in my opponent who never twigged that assuming you’ve pushed out the draw and then paying them makes it a positive ev move for the drawer.

I used to really love the anger.

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I hate the idea of calling that preflop bet with J9 suited. I mean miracles do happen, but…

To me your already pot committed by betting flop, turn, if you check into him could be a sizable raise. Keep putting the petal to the medal with a sizeable bet, watch out for a re-raise. But even then I would be tempted to call if it wasn’t significant.

Not quite following you here. He’s already checked, so if you check too there’s no raising opportunity.

Never mind I fucked up here, I though BB was another player. Disregard!

I’d fold on the turn