You are dealt Q ๐Ÿ’“ T ๐Ÿ’“ on the button

Oh you mean donโ€™t check the turn with the QT? Yeah I agree with that. Iโ€™d just say take it easy on the river. I think the fact that the straight draw hasnโ€™t panned out and that medium suited connectors might pair the flop means @mildmanneredjanitorโ€™s value bet is probably the best river move, in retrospect.

@xyloโ€™s going to love this reply.

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Bet $27

kill jester

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I thank my lucky stars that I kicked it completely, and have no intention of ever going back. Cost me more than money, and given how vulnerable I was to playing drunk way back when, my current alcohol consumption would have me in the poorhouse in no time.

That said I have spent a lot of time in the poker games in Red Dead Redemption II recently.

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wasnโ€™t there someone who used to make a living player poker on here? sounds cool, but might be a miserable existence. or somewhere in between. or both. or neither.

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It wasnโ€™t me, but I did try it for a while, out of necessity, and failed. For the most part it is a miserable existence. Itโ€™s very precarious unless you are very very good, in which case obviously you can make a lot of money. But as with most gambling, most people arenโ€™t very very good, theyโ€™re just bad enough to not quite lose all their money at once.

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yeah that makes senseโ€ฆ even were I extremely good Iโ€™d probably end up feeling guilty for winning peopleโ€™s life savings or whatever. you simply cannnot win!

Hit me

Not sure if this is made up or real poker talk :smiley:

I feel ya hands on mah body

Fold, but wouldโ€™ve already. You donโ€™t land the flop you get the fuck outta there.

Itโ€™s like listening to jazz when you donโ€™t know the changes, itโ€™s great

The ad just popped up again.

$1/$2 cash game. $200 effective stacks.


BB is being a calling station because they donโ€™t have anything. Trouble is you donโ€™t either. Depends how theyโ€™ve been playing their other hands throughout. (Edited because I didnโ€™t read the OP properly - just check and get to the next hand).



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:fist_right: :confounded:

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