You are dealt Q πŸ’“ T πŸ’“ on the button




You don’t want to end up the broomcorn’s uncle thats for damn sure

@sharpyetblunt i think, but he didnt make it in the Great Migration

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really like playing with my mates coz theyre as crap at it as i am, but im a way better bluffer (i get rowdy and excited and we play for pennies so once the bet is as high as 20p a round theyre all like ooohh too rich for my blood so i take the pot with a pair of 4s or something and theyre all like viney youre such a dick, why did you bet so hard on that)

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a real human being and a real hero

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Yeah @s_y_b

Not convinced it was actually him tho

It was me!

I no longer play poker professionally. I made a living from it from about 2005-2015. 2014/15 was tough though, my first big losing year. Games at mid stakes became 99% pros and the progression towards a purely math based approach was not for me. There was also an influx of bots that year that totally killed my enthusiasm and i could see the writing on the wall. I dont know if the situation has improved as i havent played for 3 or 4 years.

For this hand it would depend on the opponent but against a nobody i would probably bet ~$50. He has a lot of suited connectors like 89 67 TJ T9 in his range most likely where hes been hoping to hit the draw and now its come to the river he feels invested and will hope you had a draw which missed and will most likely call it off really light. If he had a strong hand like a set he would raise the flop as its quite a drawy flop so really the only hands i would worry about that beat you are AT and KT. If he has 56 so be it.


Oh good, I figured it was OBT being his usual self. Come play AQOS this week for old time’s sake!

Not that it was really a factor in me giving the game up, but around the time I did, I got the impression that limit hold 'em was basically bot-solved and assumed that no limit probably wasn’t going to be far off.

In fact wasn’t there an AI that absolutely murdered a load of star pros at no limit not such a long time ago?

Yeah in heads up no limit and limit holdem AI has been competent for a while as there arent as many variables. The general feeling at the time was 6 max games would be too difficult to solve and have a bot that could beat anything but micro stakes. Then some were uncovered playing midstakes no limit and pot limit omaha winning more than $1mil a year. The pokersites try to stop it with various tests but when theres that much money on the line the people behind the bots will keep on figuring out ways to not get caught.

No Limit For Old Men