You are emigrating

whether you like it or not!

  1. Where would you emigrate to? Country and specific city or field
  2. Would you ever consider this unless I was making you?
  3. Has to be in the realms of possibility ie. they would let you in, you can’t just choose a castle in France you can’t afford.
  4. There isn’t a global pandemic when you leave…or is there?

Reckon I would move to Calgary (never been). How aboot you eh? haha

Please regale us of your stories of emigration if you have already!

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Probably not tbh
  3. Ok
  4. Nah, let’s do without it
  1. Brno, CZ
  2. Yes
  3. More of a statement than a question.
  4. Happy to leave it

moved too often in the last 3 years but if I could again, it would be to Vancouver BC. Buds, hockey, snowboarding, hockey and buds.


I emigrated to continue to study because masters in the UK are v expensive, had a nice time and i stayed in the same country to this day

  1. Scotland, probably near Glasgow
  2. Never not considering it

Santiago, Chile


You can rent a castle in France for the cost of a studio flat in London.

Yes there is.

guys, I kind of just listed out criteria and questions together, so you don’t have to answer all the numbered points like questions thanks

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  1. Ok

What are you the Master of, please Shrewbs?

Puppets. He’s secretly James Hetfield.


Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences

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  1. America
  2. Yes. I want to live with possums. It’s my only dream atm. Regularly cry about it.
  3. Probably?? Don’t see why not, AFAIK no criminal record
  4. Ideally not, if that’s okay

My parents tried to, they moved to Amsterdam and lived there for years but then my Mum got accidentally knocked up with me and they moved to back to England

I get this reference

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I’d like to move to New Zealand

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V impressive


Ooh I nearly started similar yesterday. Like… if you HAD to relocate with work (current job or new one), and your TV came with you, and you were financially comfortable… where would you pick.

I’d happily just fuck off and live in Provence.

6 countries lived in so far (counting UK as 1).

Canada, probably. Or New Zealand if my parents were not around.

I have been to Calgary. It was perfectly pleasant place without being very exciting. The air felt very clean and fresh. Apparently it’s one of the top votes places to live in the world :woman_shrugging:.

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they have babies in Amsterdam!

  1. I would emigrate (back) to Greece, Athens or Thessaloniki, because I know a few people there and speak some of the language, or Ireland, dunno which city, because it’s quite nearby and I wouldn’t need to learn another language
  2. I have vaguely toyed with the idea of going back to Greece but it’s too much hassle
  3. EU passport holder, suck it brits
  4. I’d choose no pandemic
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