You are in a lift

The lift has a mirror in it for some reason.

How long do you spend admiring yourself in that mirror?

Four hours

I’m going to tag this as a potential outlier, but it is on trend.

0 seconds.

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OK. I think my graph now has its x axis set.

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However long I’m in it alone


my work lift has a mirror. there’s usually other people in it, but on the lucky occasions i’m in the lift alone i basically stare at myself in the mirror for the entire ascent/descent

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I’ll try and avoid it as much as possible


if other people are in it i often just give myself a quick glance to check my hair doesn’t look too awful and then look away. i might start introducing a quick wink and a thumbs up to myself

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How long do you spend admiring yourself in that mirror?

Not as long as I spent gazing at my reflection and sobbing gently.

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depends… if I’ve just eaten… check the teeth.
If I’ve just showered… check my eyes for sleep, nose for bogeys.

About 30 seconds until I’ve got the right shot.




That T shirt needs ironing.

i don’t, the overhead fluorescents in lifts are murder on my skin (im a pale boy of irish stock)

very kind of you to offer

Absolutely this.

Might go as far as to take the stairs frankly

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I don’t own an iron or an ironing board since my wife left me.

No T shirt needs ironing.



Ever take the stairs sillily?