"You are in Britain, you listen to the rules"


This has been doing the rounds, pretty grim stuff from the Toryboy in the suit, but what I can’t work out is what train is it? And why can’t you drink on it?


tube isn’t it?

what a self-righteous prick


You’ve been away too long friend, that is not the tube.


that is the tube bud. just one of the v old trains.


You ain’t no Muslim bruv


It’s not a tube train.


tube map on the wall behind him is a dead giveaway

looks like an old Metropolitan Line train


isn’t it one of the super old bakerloo-line style ones?


probably the overground

  • Tube
  • Not the tube

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actually no you’re right just spotted the overhead rack


It’s a TfL rail train running into Liverpool St by the looks of the map.


This exactly what I wanted this thread to be :heart: u DiS


Oh well, there you go then


I mean it’s literally people answering your question


yeah, looks quite similar to the chingford to liverpool street trains though normally the seats are a different colour


It’s actually Great Eastern Mainline

there’s an announcement for ‘next stop Manor Park’




Can you not drink on those services then? I know you can’t on the Tube / Overground. Seems kind of bullshit that the regular trains just became TfL trains but no boozing rules applied.


That’s why I love it!