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What’re we saying?

TV’s coming to meet me for lunch which is lovely :blush: Prolly gonna go to Exmouth Market and get some mac and cheese from Paesan or a nice lamb flatbread from Moro.

Weekend’s on the horizon lads.


:negative_squared_cross_mark: I will NOT be attending


Water got into my car and now the car smells. How is it that something as pure as water can make something that didn’t smell, suddenly smell?


Half day in the office, then wfh for a few hrs & then off to Galway to see the Nick Cave concert film in cinema.
Taking tomorrow off so a long weekend for me :slight_smile:


Went to a friend’s book launch last night with a lot of free booze and I am now dying. Might get a maccy’s breakfast.


Happens with hair too doesn’t it.


Doing it right trev, lovely stuff.


Gonna give the new Kali Uchis record a few spins this morning too, this record is gonna sound even better once the sun comes out :sunglasses:


Hello! I will be attending and I have another CV question!

Sooo, I was at a pretty good job for a very short amount of time. I left because I felt as though it wasn’t for me :woman_shrugging: I know this will look terrible, the question is… do I mention it at all? Do I have to mention it?


Hey up JI

Off to IKEA in s minute, meeting my sister and her baby so prob going to a Bristol city farm or something after that. Kids already bring a menace because the fortnite server is down and now they’ll have to sit in a car for an hour…


Was gonna start this myself earlier but I had absolutely nothing interesting to contribute.



I probably wouldn’t mention it unless it leaves a gaping hole in your employment history.


Did you get a yellow cardie?


@mods can we delete this post please.


Meh meh meh. Fucking knackered and another rubbish day in store I’m sure


Coughing up and sneezing out all manner of lurid green cack. Will this run of coughs, colds and respiratory infections ever end?

Wish I was…

as it’s an amazing place.


Ban request


Morning. Train was cancelled. Had a packet of Mentos while I waited for the next one. That’s all that’s happened so far.



m&s’s finest £17.50 job. i also inexplicably had to buy a 12. there’s no WAY i am size 12.


Morning irons & co

Shortly going on a bus to go buy blue paint and maybe a comb. Going pushchair-less so it may be an adventure if R doesn’t want to go in the right direction. Wish me luck.