You are London

wtf no am no


Kind of miss the days when everyone still read magazines and you could have a sniff of different perfumes and after shaves in the smelly adverts


No one is asking you to come here.

That’s Clive.

Good to see you realise that south of the river isn’t London. :wink:

So London’s good for something then…

How dare u

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You have museums and galleries galore, and yet you never use them except for when people come to visit.

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A bit dusty. Does nobody dust?

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Think that’s how Keats died


They’ve done these elsewhere also

Quite keen to see the Glasgow version of this


you are the wind beneath my wings

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Make it happen #GME

just japes looking menacingly at the camera with the words - ‘HSBC - GET TAE’ plastered over his face


I agree. The posters for Leeds and Manchester mention past events while the London poster is about the present. Implies only London matters now and has a future.

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You are Manchester. You are… err… the Happy Mondays I guess.

> go north

Leeds refers to Kaiser Chiefs and Shed Seven, but no Sisters of Mercy.

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