You are now naked. How much trouble are you in?

I’m at the barbers so quite a lot

In my hotel room = 0 trouble

At work. Fired. Also quite far from home and have a gig. Awkward.

At least im behind the drum kit, I guess?

You wouldn’t replace your clothing before the gig?

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In my room, so none, but I’m cold

I’m lying in bed. No troubles.

I’m at Driebergen-Zeist and all trains are cancelled and I’m fucking freezing. No-one would probably bat an eyelid

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This is very lyrical


No mate

Sat on my sofa under a sleeping bag. Would be a bit cold but not in any trouble.

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You’re in Holland though. Everyone is already nude


7 windows

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Sock on your knob and you’re doing no worse than RHCP

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I’m on my couch in my house so 0 trouble/10

Gonna have to be a sock for ants. It is so cold.

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That’s a low bar


“Give me the works”

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I’m in my room at the hospital, so very much not in any bother.