You are now naked. How much trouble are you in?


Top deck of a bus, so very much so.

Dropping my daughter at Brownies. Big trouble.

Highly inappropriate / 10


Working from home so none unless Skyping

Been on reddit too today, I see?

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On the bus, loads of families here, absolutely fucked / 10.

On a train. Moderately busy. So a moderate amount of trouble.


Merked, mate.

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Fine right now as I’m on the sofa and instinctively have a large cushion to hand but just took the rubbish to the bins so that wouldn’t have been great.

Sat next to a 3 year old so not ideal

I’m on the bus, oh no!

it’s not totally packed, but any people is enough.

there are maybe four miles until terminus for me, and I then have to walk 15 minutes home.

7 troubles out of 10, maybe?

however… I have just purchased a new parka.

it is warm, waterproof, and just about hides my thunder - just about.

it’s in my rucksack; can I put it on?

I’m at home. Mrs CCB might wonder why I’m naked but I’m in no trouble

Right now: home on my own, so absolutely fine.

At the time you posted this: in the middle of a yoga class with work colleagues, so lots.

How appropriate, I’m watching The Flash


It would probably startle the cat on my lap, were the clothes to disappear, so I’d say 6 to 7 troubles.

A freaked cat in your naked lap is definitely something you don’t want :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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At home at my desk so fine for the immediate future, but one of ‘er indoors’ friends is coming round to see the house any minute now and I’d probably get into a bit of trouble if she showed them in and I’m sat here naked playing Final Fantasy XIV with one hand and eating a Mr Kipling bramley apple tart with the other one.

Otoh, my room dwiw

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I’m at home and literally about to get undressed to go in the shower so not only am i in no trouble, it’s saved me a bit of time

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