You been into W.H Smiths recently?



nah, me neither


About fthree years ago I got some WHSmiths vouchers for my birthday… think I bought some pens.


yeah, seems like they’ve stopped selling wire magazine. (still sell wired though)


bet @1101010 was in there this weekend


Prices on their drinks still make me go full jowel-shake


Last time I went in a non-airport one must have been about three years ago I reckon Silkz


did you pick up anything nice?


Yes, about 3 weeks ago, but only because I was at Gatwick.


If I remember correctly we were on a trip back to see my parents and it dawned on my partner that she needed some cardboard or something for a lesson plan so we had to drive into my hometown to pick some up. I remember being mildly irked because I used to work in a shop that was right next to WH Smiths that was basically the same thing but a lovely old independent-ish place that has now gone out of business and I didn’t really want to be giving WH Smiths any custom but that’s the way of the world now I guess.


Sometimes go to the one in Forest Hill because upstairs there is a post office.

Always go to airport ones because magazines.


Nope. I don’t tend to take trains.


Remember my thread about things within other things? That was good wasn’t it.


did you have a trainset as a kid? or as an adult?


I went in the one in that shopping centre on Oxford Street summer last year and saw Jim Bob in there. Can’t remember what I was looking for, but whatever it was I came away empty handed…

I did some analysis on WHS when I was working for a rival company earlier this year - they make a LOT of money from those airport stores, not so much from anywhere else. Airport units in general are the new prime high street spots in terms of desirability, and have rents :open_mouth: to match.


Halcyon days, truly.


Yeh - often go in the one at piccadilly station to make use of their library facilities.


It’s a dreadful shop, this account collates some of its more awful aspects:


I don’t really understand the relevance of this question to my needs to use a train for transportation as an adult.


big fan of their presence in airports, hate in non-uk airports (mainly schiphol) when there’s no meal deal equivalent and if you want a sandwich you have to spend €/£/$/‎¥6


Sunday 25/09 @ 10:30 - London Euston.

  • Observer newspaper.
  • Ribena (1 bottle)