"You can bring your daughter to the slaughter but you can't make her drink (the blood)"

You can have that one if you want it

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I retract my ‘Brutal’

Also, earlier he said that he’d sell my secrets to the tabloids if he found out about them!


Anyway, like I said, if any of you would like to use "You can bring your daughter to the slaughter but you can’t make her drink (the blood)” then you can do so with my blessing.

Do you think it’d be good for an Iron Maiden tribute band to be called Ironic Maiden?


Remember when Sharon Osbourne pelted eggs at Iron Maiden

“Daughter to water” would have worked just as well, I think.

I think that would be ideal

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9…! 9! 9!

the number of the poliiiice

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Can I use that one?


you reckon you could make a horse drink? like if you were in a hostage situation?

they say you can’t but i dunno

Thank you very much

I’d give it Ribena. Wouldn’t be able to resist,

(Do a )run(ner) from/to the h/bills(s)
Run for/with your w/life

I’m afraid I will have to charge anyone who used this. £17.50

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EXCLUSIVE: Football Manager Inventor and Head of SEGA Encourages Daughter Slaughter

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might go get lunch

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And do a runner?

I used to have a history teacher who would say “you can bring your horse to water but you can’t force it’s head in”